Amplify: A digital course to help you connect to your creativity

Amplify is a hybrid program of practical business tools and expansive mindset work that guides and supports coaches, creatives, artists and therapists to create a repeatable potent formula for self-healing, transformation and empowerment in life and business.

Using podcast-style lessons, live group calls, self-study resources and a private Facebook community, Amplify is an incubator for growth, creativity and prosperity.

If you’re ready to step into your sovereignty, shine as the beacon of light you were born to be and create the impact you desire, then Amplify is the perfect fit for your soul.



Amplify helps you shift into quantum alignment; into a space where your personal power and the power of the Universe co-create to support you in achieving your most important individual and collective goals.

When it comes to your big business vision, I’ll help you understand which steps belong to the Divine and which need your action steps.

In Amplify, you’ll learn boundaries, discernment and money mindset magic that enable you to let go of what you can’t control so you can take steps forward with ease and grace.

Have you ever asked yourself...

‘What do I personally need to do, and who do I need to be, to stay strong and resilient as I grow my business or pursue my mission-driven project?’

It’s so easy to get caught up in the how - downloading all the freebies, taking all the courses and applying multiple tools at random moments in the vague hope that something will stick! #notagoodstrategy


This is where Amplify is different.

I know that you’re already doing the deep work.

You’re ready to refine.

For it to be easier, more aligned and way more magical.

It’s time to claim all the support you deserve while simultaneously becoming truly, passionately sovereign.

Amplify is a spacious and enlightening container that incorporates powerful strategy, soul wisdom and expansive coaching with the collective, empowered feminine energy of an online community.


Amplify is perfect for you if...

  • 2020 cracked open your heart and connected you with human consciousness in a more profound way than ever before.
  • You feel stuck on your personal journey of evolution and know you’re meant for more in all areas of life - physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
  • You’re ready to dive into the energetics of receiving, support and expansion and to release attachment to the patriarchal ways of structure and hustle.
  • You know intuitively that you’re more than capable of playing a bigger game but don’t quite know how to leap across quantum timelines to access your success.
  • You desire to feel deeply safe and are ready to take the action steps required to expand and progress in business and within your own transformational journey.
  • You see yourself as a student of Earth school and are eager to learn how to become a more efficient student of the school of life - specifically learning discernment, empowerment and lightheartedness.

I believe mastery comes in quietly, like a fog.

It comes when we slow down and take a closer look at all the information coming to us in the form of guidance. It’s part of all our lessons: our injury, our illness, the envy, the jealousy, the person who ghosted us, the cringe moments, the unexpected bills, our discomfort, the walls we keep hitting, the opportunities that go unnoticed.

As the information comes in, it can be terrifying, overwhelming, infuriating, embarrassing, frustrating, devastating, exciting, sweet, exhilarating.

But how do we receive, filter, transmute and integrate it?

It takes support. And learning how to sit in the lotus seat of sovereignty to decide what supports us and what we can release.

Our job is to learn to observe it as lessons. And then to support our nervous system and physical body in calibrating to what is happening and to evolve.

That is how we get to the next level.

After you’ve completed Amplify, you’ll have a personalized set of practices that you understand how to build and use; a repeatable formula for self-healing and empowerment in life and business.


Inside Amplify I’ll show you how to…

  • Curate a supportive team to help you get to your next level and beyond.
  • Understand the importance of honoring your current situation while recognizing the starting point for deeper work.
  • Connect to your dreams and set creative goals.
  • Create space to birth your new projects, plans and business dreams.
  • Nurture a divine relationship with money and abundance from a new perspective.
  • Experience sovereignty with money and expand to new levels.
  • Flip the script and create opportunities out of challenges.
  • Believe in yourself, your value and the unique gifts you offer the world.


Over lock down, many people learned how to bake the perfect sourdough loaf, but I delved into quantum physics!

I was curious as to why so many brilliant coaches and intelligent, action-taking therapists, healers and creatives got stuck after training programs.

What was happening that stopped these incredible women from showing up in their truth and fulfilling their greatest potential?

Quantum physics gave me some answers…

When systems change there is a natural desire for homeostasis - the state of stable equilibrium. There’s a physics principle called ‘balancing forces’ which affects us when we try something new. (So it’s not in your head, it’s a real scientific thing!)

When we’re triggered by old wounds and trauma, we shrink and become afraid of shining our light and being visible. But when you understand quantum physics, you can train yourself into a higher vibrational state.

Amplify helps you to understand basic quantum physics and use those principles to your advantage, while also providing you with practical business tools for ultimate success, time after time.


Ready to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk?

That’s exactly what I did in creating a program based on what I was working on in real-time in my life and the things that had people saying, ‘this really works!!’.

Teaching what I was living was scary to me. It felt unproven and naked.

But I trusted my intuition and connected to the quantum field, feeling unparalleled levels of expansion and support as I did so.

I started consciously coaching clients on energy blocks, learning to receive, calling in more feminine guidance, the healing process, money practices and quantum tools.

Clients’ lives cracked open and their results far eclipsed those I was feeling in my own life.

I knew I was onto something.

So when a dear friend and former client spent a lot of money on a coaching course and then found herself stuck, playing small, shrinking and contracting (when she’d previously been vibrant and thriving), I felt sad for her, and angry too.

I realized I’d seen this many times as coaches procrastinated month after month, year after year, due to crippling self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

I knew that my work had many layers and levels to it.

I’d supported people in achieving their financial and business goals and strengthen their own inner support system so they felt resilient, empowered and excited about pursuing their passion.

Realizing that we are all being invited to play more, be more in our empowered feminine energy, to trust what feels good and connect with the quantum field, I took a risk and allowed the magic to rush right in.

And so, Amplify was born.

A potent, nourishing, supportive and creative incubator to give you the next level guidance you desire to feel truly sovereign and to achieve new levels of self-healing, empowerment and prosperity.


What's in Amplify?

When you join Amplify you’ll receive instant access to all the course materials, workbooks, videos, podcast-style lessons and bonuses.

You can also go back and repeat modules again and again to release stubborn limiting beliefs, old trauma wounds and energetic blocks. Each time you dive into the materials you’ll shift more layers of conditioning to reveal more of the ‘real’ you.

Each month, I host a live group call which offers deeper support, coaching and the opportunity to have your specific questions answered. Plus, you can further your connections with like-minded souls and business owners on a similar journey through our private Amplify Facebook community.

Remember, this journey is about your own personal development, growth and transformation. I invite you to take the time to truly process each section and to embody the practices within each.

Module One

You'll Learn To:

  • Curate the best support team to get to your next level
  • Gather your ideal entourage

Module Two

You'll Learn:

  • The importance of honoring where you are as a path to expansion
  • Practices to make your life bespoke to you

Module Three

You'll Learn To:

  • Connect to your dreams & set creative goals
  • De-clutter to create space
  • Ground your brilliant ideas & take action
  • Incorporate gentle, divine discipline

Module Four

You'll Learn:

  • Fresh, feminine thinking about money
  • To connect to & stay on the wave with ease & conscious discipline

Module Five

You'll Learn To:

  • Create a divine relationship with money
  • Expand from a place of desire
  • Indulge in the magic of your journey
  • Invite in more abundance
  • Understand the impact of money trauma on women today
  • Find your teachers, role models & mentors

Module Six

You'll Learn To:

  • Truly step up & embody your sovereignty
  • View every challenge as an opportunity to flip the script
  • Experience the miracles that the Universe holds for you

Module Seven

You'll Learn To:

  • Acknowledge that abundance is your birthright
  • Translate abundance into all areas of your life
  • Recognize your tremendous value & radiate it out for the greatest impact

Magic Happens at Night  (Video content + workbook)

During a stressful period in my life, I found myself as a mom trying to solve every single problem my kids brought home. The need to solve these problems was powerful and frequently kept me awake at night. This kind of stress doesn’t have to accompany being a mom though. I had a light bulb moment that eventually became my miracle making tool. It brought about solutions that went beyond my human mind and gave me the Divine guidance I so desperately needed.

When you’re struggling with an untenable problem, you need help from the Universe. Moving your mind out of the way feels impossible, but there are simple energetic practices that you can use to resolve any challenge with ease. I’ve distilled my magic into this short video and workbook to help you feel less stressed, more calm and able to put your own needs first without mom guilt.

Zone of Genius Training (Video content + workbook)

Learn how to maximize your time in your Zone of Genius by letting go of projects and tasks that fall into your Zone of Incompetence. It’s surprisingly difficult to let go of tasks and projects you think you should be good at, and your ego might be battling you on it! Your ego knows exactly how to make you feel foolish and stubborn.

The solution is both practical and fun. You’ll feel fresh, empowering peace and expansion when you master this simple mindset shift.



Monthly Live Group Calls

Each month, I host a live group call where I share tools, practices and personal stories to help you embody and incorporate the materials into your life. Each live session also gives you the opportunity to ask questions in real time.

Private Facebook Community

This beautiful community of like-minded souls will enable you to create new connections, build relationships and feel supported and held by your sisters as you embark on this journey.

Continuous Enrollment

Amplify runs on a continuous enrollment basis which means you can join at any time and gain instant access to the course materials and Facebook community. This also means that the energy of the group continuously expands as new people from around the world join in the fun.

Optional VIP Upgrade

At any point in the first 6 months from joining Amplify, you can book two 1-1 video calls with me for $500.

Hi, I'm Shannon,

a certified intuitive coach and trainer focused on empowering and supporting creative and spiritual entrepreneurs through programs and coaching that provide the tools, paths and practices that unlock unlimited abundance, expansion and love.

As an eternal student of growth mindset and the transformational power of levity, I’ve blended years of yoga, studies in mind-body connection, digestive wellness, meditation and creativity with coaching skills to create programs that support empowerment and healing.

I believe that leveling up requires us to play at our edges. We have parts of the vision, the discomfort, the yearnings and the dreams so big that we can’t figure out how to breathe them all the way in.

This is where visionary coaching can support you in stepping into the next level and shifting into quantum alignment.

All the answers to your expansion are within you. You simply have to get quiet and listen.

Limiting beliefs appear for a reason: to show us exactly what needs to be healed and released.

The Universe’s language is paradoxical; things aren’t working because we’re being invited to a higher level.

Your job isn’t to push harder to make it work. Your job is to:

  • Trust that you’re being guided
  • Look directly at the messages you’re receiving and translate them
  • Heal the fears
  • Ask for more
  • Open up to receive more love, support, abundance

Pushing is the old way of doing life and business.

Life in 2021 and beyond, requires us to sink into love. To use the beautiful energy of our heart and soul to co-create magical work with the Universe.

I’m so excited to welcome you into Amplify and to support your growth and expansion in life and business.

My Mission is Your Expansion

Are you ready to Amplify your life and business?

By the time you’ve completed Amplify you’ll have stepped fully into your sovereignty and be shining brightly as the beacon of light you were born to be and creating the impact you desire - individually and collectively.

Amplify Includes:

One Time Payment



Two Part Payment



Three Part Payment