August 15, 2022 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET 


In the depths there is a spring with all the water your heart is thirsty for ~Rumi

I have a message for you:

Dream Bigger

We need you to shine your light as brightly as possible. 


From Sara Blakely I learned the questions to ask to connect to purposeful work:
What lights you up? What do you lose time doing?
What pisses you off? What breaks your heart?


What pisses me off and breaks my heart? The experience (mine, yours) of being stuck without adequate tools.


I'd love to share a few of my proven tools for shining your brightest in one                            FREE 60-minute masterclass.


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Here's what we'll cover:

INTENTION: If you don’t know where you are going, you will not get there. The Universe is both a school, and a choose your own adventure experience.

DISCIPLINE ABOUT PRACTICE: Nurture your vessel and your vision consistently.

YOUR VESSEL: We’re going to talk about paying regular and loving attention to ALL your needs, knowing that you are the god or goddess of your life and that in attending to your energy you bring the lens of love to everything you do.

VISION: Manifestation is a process that has been proven scientifically.  The more you shed old stories, the stronger and more resilient your kids, clients, loves and everyone around you will be. “Manifesting your dream life” is your responsibility.

HAVING AND BEING SEEN BY A TEACHER: Finding a trusted guide is an absolute must. Get a teacher or mentor who is ahead of you, but with whom you can be exquisitely vulnerable. Demand the best.


My Mission is Your Expansion!

I'm a certified intuitive coach and trainer focused on empowering creative and spiritual entrepreneurs. My programs teach you the tools, paths, and practices that unlock abundance, expansion, and love.

Always a student of growth mindset and the transformational power of levity, I’ve blended my years in yoga, studies in mind-body connection, digestive wellness, meditation, and creativity with my coaching skills to create programs that support empowerment and healing.

I'm a sought after coach among my peers (a “Coach’s Coach"), offering a style that is lighthearted, compassionate, and unfailingly precise. I live in gorgeous Oregon and I can't wait to work with you!