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inspirational snacks magic Apr 17, 2021


Dreams. They're why we’re here.

Sometimes I think of us all as mermaids, swimming peacefully in a gorgeous ocean. But we get tangled up in seaweed—maybe it’s kelp, something heavy.

There is a lot of contrast in the world, and it’s both your right and your responsibility to focus on expansion.

Essential to this is creating a personalized entourage. Your entourage is your team of champions, healers, advisors, encouragers, inspirers, lovers, friends, teachers. And in my case, a humor posse. ;) Entourages are personal!

Building a business takes larger than life discipline, discernment, prioritizing deep self-nourishment, a growth mindset, and much more. You need support. And if you don’t think you do, then your dreams are ripe for expansion.

Entourage creation and curation is one of the lessons we’ll be working on in Amplify, my new hybrid program for entrepreneurs.  I’m busy this weekend building content for it, and it’s so fun and potent it’s crazy to think that the idea of it was just a dream last year.

Dreams are here to be made manifest. We are here to light up the world with our love, creativity, and missions. Do you have all the support you need to bring your biggest dream into the light? 

Giving myself permission to make things deeply personal in my work was the smartest choice I ever made, but it was oddly challenging. The Universe speaks in paradox, and we all carry ancestral and cultural trauma, patterns, blindspots. As women, our needs in business are for feminine space to be, to create, to receive. And they are also masculine--we want strategy, precision, discernment, goals. My zone of genius is the intuitive ability to see into your business and map those energies precisely to where you are, and where you want to go. We release your blocks and struggles and invite spacious growth and abundance.

As with dreams, this path is personal. In Amplify, you'll be supported by my signature deep personal coaching and by the practical and magic lessons that have guided my business to a powerhouse level. My mission is YOUR expansion. Leaning into yours calls for a perfect entourage. 

What's your dream?


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