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Mar 03, 2024

On Leap Day, I had a moment when I realized what year we had our last Leap Day. Oof. That week my family and I were anxiously deciding what to do about a planned Hawaiian vacation. We knew we had to cancel but we realllllllly did not want to. Fraught phone calls, scary headlines. And then boom! The world shut DOWN. For two weeks? Sheesh the ignorant optimism.

Taking stock of how you got to the place you are in is a beautiful way to deepen what you know about your learning style, and helps integrate lessons. As I sat there on February 29th - in the quiet rainy predawn - I thought things through. What is working and why? What needs attention next.

I innocently started that because I’ve made some big changes recently and I wanted to review those for lessons and plan ahead. But with the realization about Leap Day of four years ago, I sank deeper into the couch.

Life is so different now. Everything is sweeter, richer and ripe with potential I could not have envisioned in 2020. Because I risked. And those risks, while scary at times, worked. They created a new reality that serves not just me and my dreams, but everyone around me who responds to my radiance. And all the clients who relay off MY risks to take their own.

George Clooney says success doesn’t teach us anything. Only failure teaches. Failure just means try something else. Fail enough and you figure out how to succeed. And build bravery about failing. 

I approach life as a practice. The method of allowing things to be a practice (not perfect!) is what I work on with my clients. We try to build the right care teams, to heal money stories, to simplify and strengthen marketing and sales plans. We realign products, create events, raise prices, and synthesize trends.

We are here to try things. We are here to cultivate visions, build dreams, make mistakes and as Nicolas Cage said in Moonstruck ‘break our hearts’. Hopefully only sometimes on that point.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? asked Mary Oliver.

Risking, trying and practicing are vital to happiness, deeper love, more money and personal expansion.

It’ll be past Leap Day when you read this, but right at the beginning of a fresh month..the final one in Q1. People who said yes to risk with me last year or in January know where they are going now, because they let themselves ask for more.

“I would work with you forever and ever if I could! I will certainly be back!”

"Three months went so fast! An yet I am a completely new person with respects to my business." 

When I review, I write out exactly how I did it all. Who supported me? Where did I fall from grace? Where was it easier, where was it harder? What would I do differently?

This many years into ‘practice’, what I want to do differently is ASK for and ALLOW more help. I keep a running NOTE on my phone called Current Support Team. It is a living document. We are not meant to go it alone.

The magic I help people create is impossible to visualize when we are in the discovery process or even on Day One of a container. It is alchemy that goes beyond what I or the client can see. When we both lean in businesses grow, hearts heal, money amplifies and dreams are realized.

Let’s make some magic! I’m opening up spots for my mini intensives - working one-on-one with me for under $500. Virtual, of course,OR in person if you are in PDX or Bend. Get clarity on what’s holding you back. We geniuses miss our blind spots. This slows you down, clogs you and leaves massive amounts of money on the table. Send us an email at [email protected] if you are interested. 

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