From Burnt Out to Sold Out

Sep 18, 2023

What do toddlers have in common with the entrepreneurs Guy Raz talks to on the podcast How I Built This’? 

Tenacity. I rarely listen to that podcast without gasping. 

Sometimes it’s about the insanity of the story, such as the stem cell fish people who have raised a truly hair raising amount of money considering they’ve basically made about twenty pounds of fish in 7 years. I do not get it. But generally it’s a story about shrewd observation and absolute passion. Combined with a harrowing hero’s journey to success. 

Sounds like the toddler life to me. 

When I sold out of an offer this summer people had questions. How did you do that being the biggest. HOW do you sell out of an offer. 

You throw a LOT of spaghetti at the wall. 

I’ve been in this business long enough that I’ve begun to question what’s expected of me. And bravely mix it up. 

Failed launches are meaningless to me. I do not care about funnels or followers or even how often I send this newsletter to you. It’s been a month by the way. Hello. I love writing it, I mean LOVE..if you know me, you know writing is my happy place. but the truth of it is, the newsletter was not converting. And this is a business. We are not here to (only) entertain you. 

We are here to serve you, and we are here to make money. And create a legacy. 

So. Selling out. 

I observed that I felt obligated to constantly be spending my time on social media or in content creation. This was not good for my nervous system, and was preventing me from feeling creative and engaged. 

Most of us are struggling with some form of digital addiction. Digital life is ubiquitous and it is a health hazard. I had to break free. The social game can feel like class 5 river rapids. This does NOT excuse me from playing it, but I gave myself permission to do different things. 

And that took the pressure off and put me back into creative mode. Where the magic happens. 

I well understand that not everyone lives and breathes the “high ticket coaching” model that we coaches have come to consider oxygen for our practices. Outside of a rather small ecosystem most people don’t resonate with that model. Funnily enough, I trace my ‘why’ for getting into coaching back to a night in my yoga studio. So many evenings weary stressed souls would struggle in for class carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. An hour or two later they’d head back out into the world, greatly lightened up. I knew that the world was full of people who would never do yoga. My dad, for example. I wanted to find a way to offer that ephemeral nectar to people outside the studio. 

Coaching transforms lives, families, communities. It heals lovers who are struggling to recover from toxic relationships;  it activates empowering career changes for talented people who feel boxed in by their path or scarcity consciousness. It helps over burdened parents who need to be heard and held. It has brightened and lubed the love and sex lives of disconnected partners. And of course becoming a coach can give a woman a magic wand she can use to heal people, her money stories and create legacy for her family. 

This summer I was just completely fried by the memes the slides, the endless lives and all the NOISE. So I let go. And I did it differently. I threw different spaghetti. 

And something happened, something totally unexpected and completely predictable. My practice bloomed. I let go of HOW it would succeed and just committed my energy to my passion. 

Like a toddler. Or like Sara Blakely. 

Work with us. We are enrolling now!

Level One: Create or refine your coaching practice with me in this potent, proven 4 month program. Mixing it up this time by kicking it off with live instruction! Very limited space–contact us ASAP about this one. Starts mid October.

Level Two: An experiment I ran last year. We all fell in love with the experience..a mastermind mix of cutting edge teaching and supportive coaching. Founders tier pricing open NOW. If you know me, I sell exactly what I crave and what moves the needle forward in all the ways. Limited to 10 people.

Shannon's Suggestions:

Fall means renewal to me..Rosh Hashanah, kids back in school. I like to refresh my habits and set new intentions after the savoring and languishing of Summer. This year it’s all about my nervous system.

Here are a few of my favorite practices.

  • Add a meditation practice to your morning routine. This is my favorite app–so many free options! Two teachers I am loving right now are Davidji and Sarah Blondin.
  • A quick EFT tapping routine you can use to start your day in a peak state. I’ve been working with a tapping therapist for almost two years, and the clearing has been game changing. It took me a while to teach myself to just do it, and this 5 minute routine is one I turn to again and again.
  • A calming playlist to enjoy with your coffee or matcha. Morning Playlist I made this playlist a while back when I was drawn to spend my mornings listening to music rather than learning. I still love it and add to it today.


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