I Can Love Me Better Than You Can

Feb 06, 2024

SO FUN to see Miley Cyrus take home Grammy awards for a song she wrote about sovereignty. Song? More like Anthem.

Resourced. Safe. Peaceful. Powerful. 

THAT is how you want to feel. Certain you can support yourself and receive abundantly in absolutely every way. Safe to ask, to claim, to dream bigger.

Hot, Happy, Holy. Trusting inspiration, expansion. Safe in the knowing that any roadblock is a guide into a new learning, a new level.

It’s quite simple, as all master teachings are.

And it’s challenging to work on because that’s the path of mastery.

A few pointers—

Finding Teachers: In their many shapes and forms. You can’t advance until you learn the lesson in front of you. Your teacher could be a stuck spot, an artist living in full expression, a negative mentor, a relationship, or a pattern you need to shed.

Your Entourage: I also call this a care team. A curated list that you refine consistently. These are the loves + lovers, guides, coaches, healers and helpers that see + support you. Your expansion requires that you monitor and upgrade this list all the time. People on this list should keep you totally on your toes..include some stretch elements. 

Receiving: Ask for it all. Claim it all—no limits. Your radiance heals not only yourself, but the world around you. Old souls come onto Earth fully capable of caring for and serving others. Our task in this lifetime is to learn how to exquisitely care for ourselves. That practice creates new worlds. 

“Be unreasonable in what you ask for”

WHAT IS HAPPENING! It is the MONTH OF LOVE. We have some loving offers ready for YOU

 Practice Activation! Choosing the path of entrepreneurship as a coach requires courage, creativity, resilience, innovation and confidence. Coaching is a challenging calling.

Learning to coach is one project.
✨Learning to market, sell, receive, and support your energetic needs while in practice is an entirely different set of tasks.

If you’re struggling in a new practice or have reached a plateau and feel stuck, it’s going to take brave big moves to make your practice dreams a reality.

Lean into creating your dream practice with me in Practice Activation, a new, smart nourishing container that has the tools, guidance and brilliant coaching you need right now. DM me for info. 

All the details are here.

Solutions: It’s the iPhone of programs! This one has it All. Precise potent coaching, business blueprinting and guidance. A joint offer with my fantastic business manager, Jennifer Gerhard. I used to see so many programs that offered help in ‘scaling’ but basically just spit information that didn’t fit my needs. This one is deeply personalized, but structured. Exquisite. And it’s filling up already. Learn more here

HAVE YOU JOINED MY Book Club? C’mon! This month We are talking about Priya Parker’s Art of Gathering. Read the book or don’t–just join us to share what you are working on in your own gatherings this year. Even one of Priya’s pro tips will make your next gathering spectacular. 

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