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inspirational snacks May 10, 2021
crystal & flower

It’s here to tap into whether you feel like a superstar or absolutely awful, or both on the same day.

I talked on my IG story yesterday about why I stopped doing video a few weeks ago. I can’t stand seeing myself on video unless I feel clear. I am sensitive to what I see in my own energy. And of course I go back and watch my videos after I post. I’m an editor.

"Energies are naturally available to those doing things for service." ~Brian Scott

That quote is from a podcast I heard this morning. 

He means clearing, encouragement, support and of course: expansion. 

I had to clear my field, and that took support. My own quirky personalized forms of support.

Creating, leaning into, and refining support is an essential path for your ascension. And “what got you here won’t take you there.” Creating the right support when you feel good is easy..hire coaches, get energy healings, connect with high vibe people. 

Getting out of the muck is mastery.

This is pure physics.

Support is the theme right now. 

Letting your heart be known, and grown. Protection, guidance, and infinite abundance are here to tap into whether you feel like a superstar or absolutely awful, or both on the same day. 

You need activation. Validation. Recognition of what is happening and loving tethering to your divinely gifted visions. You need to be held beyond your current feeling state, and validated in that human state of how you are right now.

My new program Amplfiy is open for enrollment. Our first lesson--and an essential learning arc in the class--is about creating the personalized support team to take you to six figures in ease with the delicious mix of podcast style lessons + personalized coaching. Let’s expand you.


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