A Big Enough Mission

inspirational snacks support trauma healing Jun 12, 2021
If your mission doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough.
What pisses you off? What lights up your heart? 
These are questions I heard asked in a Masterclass, and they ring in my heart on the regular. Can you ask them of yourself, right now? What REALLY pisses you off. 
What blossoms your heart to happiness. 
Leaning into those two questions is a way to tap into your superpowers. 
There are steps you must take to bloom, fully, “without restriction” as Tosha Silver elegantly says.
Original medicine is like a seed, potent and powerful in its tiny state. 
As you create your life, it’s there, informing you that it has needs. You get close to fulfillment. You almost have the orgasm! But you don’t feel totally THERE. Why?
We are blocked by paradigms, belief systems, family and cultural trauma. As healers, our medicine is strengthened by strife, but the power of fear and systems keep us just outside the ring. 
Conserving energy, for fear we’ll get bled out. 
Afraid to risk. We’ll get hurt. 
Mildly stuck and unfulfilled, like life is happening for everyone else. 
Confused and disempowered by money structures.
It’s often subtle. So much of life is IN flow, but  you have a nagging sense..’there’s more..”
Relationships drag on you, money isn’t in flow, you know you’re not quite doing the thing. 
Unblocking is simple with the right tools. Free your voice, your heart and your energy in your work.
Learn how to connect to and trust your intuition and train it to work for you for pleasure and profit
Gently and naturally curate the circle of people around you, so you are no longer bled out by toxic ties. Even one can dim your light...I call this the Princess and the Pea scenario.
Unlock the profound and simple power of quantum energetics to insure the success of everything you create, and tap into Universal energies to make it all easier. 

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