A Lesson in 3 Rear End Car Wrecks?

courage inspirational snacks trauma healing Sep 05, 2021
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A difficult situation is an invitation.

Because of programming we often miss the invitation the first ten times. We apply everyone else’s first aid to our wounds. Having not sourced the root cause, we are stuck repeating patterns. ⁣For SO LONG. 

Say you get an injury—a strained achilles. That happened to me a few years ago. ⁣

Obvious actions: seek PT, rest, get better hiking shoes. Less obvious: look where I am walking. Am I moving in alignment with what I want to create? Oops..nope. ⁣

Another time I got into three rear-end car accidents in three months after decades of a flawless record. ⁣Universe kicking my ass? You know it. ⁣

Feeling misused and frustrated? Depleted? You are being invited to raise your value. This can feel like a Sisyphean task, but it’s essential to you having your energy for your own use. ⁣A woman I respect recently said, “Boundaries teach people where the door is.” 

Once you really have them the freedom is incredible. ⁣

The road is rife with roadblocks these days. They are creating a lot of reactivity. Making decisions from a reactive place never gets us what we want. It might get us what we need, Rolling Stones style, but what you WANT, in your aching heart is relief. A sense of being supported. Expansion in your heart. ⁣

Discomfort is a clue. It is not a symptom to be vanquished. It is an invitation. Trained to look outward for ‘guidance’ we often use others’ maps to find our way.⁣

Get quiet with the challenge. The diminishment, business struggle, world events, outrage, injury, repeating financial pattern, insensitive lover, people who don’t understand you. Go inward. ⁣

I think that space is unfamiliar to us. How much time shows up on your ‘weekly screen time report’ <I’m a work in progress here>?  Other people do NOT have the answers to the roots of and treasures in your challenges. ⁣Even the global ones. Choose your path alone. 

Become a student of your process and then layer in support, tools, loves, experiences, sweetness, adventures, joys on your terms. ⁣

Teaching people how to master creating support is my jam.

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