A Reading from The Book of Delights

inspirational snacks trauma healing Aug 02, 2020


My loves, Here we are in August. It is the dog days of summer, The Lion’s Gate portal, the ripening. 

Your resonance, say the master teachers, is your energetic guide. How’s your resonance fitness? Think of a bubble or sphere surrounding you, protecting you. Many of us have been gaslit since childhood, and find it hard to trust our own emotional experience, so deep are those cellular ruts in the road. “Gaslighting” is a fiery term, yet the simple meaning of it is ‘having your reality overwritten’. If you have your reality overwritten repeatedly, “You can’t be angry about that…stop being scared, stop being upset” you begin to doubt your own feelings. 

And you’ve spent years trying to learn how to trust them. 

It is time, right now, this year, to trust them. To feel as good as humanly possible, for you feeling good and trusting yourself is part of the essential work we need during this year of awakening. 

A simple practice that you can use to teach yourself that your feelings are trustworthy is to consciously choose to do things that feel really good. And then observe that felt experience. 

“That is so crazy simple, Shannon!” You might be saying. 

Yes, it is. And it works. 

The actual ‘Book of Delights’ was written by a poet, Ross Gay. The book is a set of essays on his experiences of years spent studying delight. Honing his ‘delight radar’, if you will. 

“a field of sunflowers stretched to the horizon, casting their seedy grins to the sun above, the honeybees in the linden trees thick enough for me not only to hear but to feel in my body, the sun like a guiding hand on my back, saying everything is possible. Everything.”

Now. Don’t you feel a degree or two better just reading that amazingness? 

We have work to do this year. The projects are substantial. As women, we intuitively know we need to operate from a full cup, but we often head back out onto the field when it’s at 3/4. Not this month. This month, I encourage you to lean into filling your cup. All the way. 

While I was traveling recently I kept feeling the messages—opt outside, and create much bigger dreams. Optimizing your magic requires that you tend to your personal garden of delight. Your clients, your customers, your family, your peers—all benefit when your quiver is full.

Replete, my grandfather used to say. “I am replete.”


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