An Unavoidable Truth

Mar 01, 2024

What is the true reward of devotion to practice? In a word, it’s radiance.

Two words? Self trust.

Three: Empowered happy clients.

How about one other word we all like: Money.

Creating a one to one coaching practice that WORKS is a devotional art.

I have learned to make the practice itself far more important than me. That idea makes me think of parenting guru Shefali Tsabary. She says, “We might think we are here on earth to be our children’s teachers. But we are not. They are OUR teachers.”

As a coach, I’m dedicated to being in practice. I have been brought back to basics on this recently because I am writing my brand story. I forget my original WHY sometimes. But the original why is the guide light.

I started because I loved coaching and I knew I could help. I also knew I had a lot to learn about helping and about coaching. But from Day One my clients got results. While I value the training I have received, I know it is my devotion to the practice that makes it work. 

Clients work with me as their mentor to develop or refine coaching skills. 

As a talisman to return to – she’s still here, radiating power. 

As a safe harbor (I spent five years working with victims of narcissistic abuse).

I love teaching and I LOVE coaching… Many of my clients have come in feeling deeply disempowered and worked their way into creating their own thriving businesses in disparate lanes such as aesthetics, acupuncture, graphic design, writing, commercial fishing, real estate and of course – coaching. 

The results I see have grown my confidence. Over time I began to let myself play with numbers and containers. I have landed in a place that fits. I know exactly how to help a client. One of my unique skills is diagnostics. I can generally tell within a session or two how much time and effort a person will need to invest to reach their established goals (and go beyond them). 

I’ve hit six figures several times. My clients have too. 

I could not have imagined the dimensional richness that has come into my life because I chose to practice. And the healing, magic and money that happens for clients is like a secret amazing movie I get to watch.

I offer next level one to one support for creatives and intimate mentorship for coaches. If you’re looking to get to YOUR next level, let’s chat.

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