Are Frameworks Sexy? Absolutely!

Mar 26, 2023
Shannon Conway
Are Frameworks Sexy? Absolutely!

Straight men are sometimes confused about how girl on girl sex works. Their minds only see it working one way—the traditional way. We know whose pleasure is prioritized in that model. Scholarly literature says that women are more likely to orgasm when having sex with a woman than having sex with a man. One reason discussed is a focus on taking turns. Taking turns with being the lead and being in surrender. Taking turns holding the space, taking turns allowing.

Hm ... sounds like a balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Business can be an energetic mine field for purpose driven women. Industries have templates and rules, which are masculine energy. Creative energy is feminine, and it wilts or dries up when it is not safely supported. Women need frameworks that honor how creativity works. Frameworks that understand how women think, heal, and flow. Women seek other female leaders, and we want to surrender and feel trust. Women do not want to be judged or told we cannot do THAT thing. Women need to be able to ask for what we need. Again, and again. Women want to have an impact.

My personal curiosity about why it was so damn hard for women to create sustainable solo creative practices drove me to create the programs I personally wanted. I wanted to build a business that gave me freedom to pursue personal and spiritual growth, where I could heal, receive and expand on my terms. A business where I was at peace in my feminine energy, serving in the exact way that feels good to me.

Practice Creation is the program I sought and created … it meets and exceeds my stated objectives, and much more.

Practice Creation understands the path to nourished sustainability. Bring your practice into one of my cohorts and watch it really come alive.

A practice is a living thing. Nurturing your practice takes deep devotion, consistent effort and a big vision. With structure in place and freedom to be and heal, exponential growth is inevitable.

My mission is your expansion and the expansion of your practice.

Raise your vibe and your juiciness level with me in our next 12-week, Practice Creation, Level One cohort launching on April 20, 2023. Reply to this email to be placed on our waitlist (10 spots left!).

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