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Here's me and my sister on the beach in August. 


“What are we even here for?” said my client. I felt tears welling up in my throat, knowing already what she was going to say. “LOVE.” 


It was our final session, and felt celebratory to us both. Clearing, healing, expansion, and personal carbonation is how I like to think of coaching. And to say that we need more people doing it is a huge understatement.


In another recent session my client painted a picture of a retreat she wants me to co host. Costa Rica, she suggested. A gorgeous home, chef prepared meals (I already have the chef!), nourishing days for the participants to focus on their purposeful work, away from the clutter and distraction of life. She breathed it in as she described it. I felt it too.


This is not a dream, this is my actual real life. And can be yours.


The coaching industry is a growth industry with excellent financial potential. It is a helping profession that supports and serves. There are endless ways you can niche your work. With smart healing, foundational training, and business basics you can build a career that creates impact, builds financial security and realizes your biggest dreams. Coaching intersects creativity, healing, and serving, wrapping them up in the comforting structure of practicality.


We are evolving fast right now. People need tools, practices and personal carbonation. We need light workers! You’re likely already helping others. Are you getting paid for it? If you are getting paid, are you making exactly what you want? Learn how to turn your gifts into a lucrative happy business. Learn how to be the change and have so much fun doing it.


Join me on the next 6 month Coach Training program that starts soon. I only offer this in-depth certification course once or twice a year, and this will be the last cohort until at least July 2022.  Competitively priced at $8k. Payment plans available. Tuition includes an (optional) live retreat in Portland Oregon. 

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