Celebrity Level Living

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Hello Everyone,

“It’s taken care of” someone said as I pulled out my wallet. 

Celebrity level living.

I was at a restaurant in Stinson Beach visiting a college friend who was newly dating a musician. We met him and his entourage for breakfast. Conscious of not knowing anyone else at the table, I was calculating the cost of my omelette + tip. Other than my dad, no one ever picked up the check for a big table. 

The check was paid? What?

Waves of comfort, obligation and mild confusion washed over me. Did I owe someone something? Nope. It really was taken care of.

As the day unfolded into a weekend of unexpected treats. I remember thinking “I could really get used to this.” It wasn’t me dating the rock star, but after two days of that life I felt comfortably at home in a cocoon of luxury. The assumption was that I was worthy of this luxury because I was with my friend.

I am fascinated by celebrity support teams. Jennifer Lopez’s team is huge apparently. At Oprah’s house someone goes in and folds the toilet paper into a triangle each time a bathroom is used. I loved the documentaries about Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift…the specific ways they are supported are the key things I like to understand, because they express to me how each artist protects her energy to be creative.

Are we really the average of the five people we spend the most time with? I’m beginning to believe that we are the average of all the teams of people that we allow into our fields. Upgrading those teams is how you expand.

As a lonely empty nester recovering from depression, I ate 95% of my meals alone. On busy workdays I stood over the sink eating almond butter out of the jar – that was lunch. Did you know that thinking uses up calories? I would start writing and then suddenly feel ravenous. Nothing in the fridge but arugula, again.

Friendly with Brooke, a private chef I’d met in my yoga class, I asked her rhetorically one day what it would cost to have a chef make only lunches. She brightly turned to me and said, “I don’t know but I want to figure that out—can I make you some lunches?”

Boom. I had a private chef. In a heartbeat, I allowed someone into my field and upgraded my support team. I let myself envision a new level — just a tiny whisper of an idea, really ... “I should not be eating such pathetic lunches.”  Brooke’s weekly deliveries were a labor of love for her and she created such a feeling of nourishment for me. Later, that upgrade rippled out to impact others as my friends and clients hired her too.

Any area of life can be upgraded; the choices are deeply personal. Concierge medicine, a better dentist, releasing a massage therapist that talks too much. I’ve been a Stitch Fix client since they launched: receiving boxes of clothes every other month feels like getting unexpected presents!

It’s fun and expansive to look at your life and consider, how could this be better?  People love to help and to be put to work.

As a recovering codependent, teaching myself to receive without restriction is the single most healing thing I do. Honing this skill enabled me to find two high-quality therapists in less than two hours of searching last year when everyone was so certain it was impossible to find a therapist.

Receiving is our birthright. Creating a support entourage that honors your energy is something that you work on incrementally. You build in an area, then stabilize. And this is how you grow the team that works for you, your money, your love life, your fitness.

We teach the exact process for this in our Practice Creation program and honestly, it is THE THING that I teach all my private clients too. Learning how to upgrade opens up your field for more on every level: money, adventure, breakfasts, orgasms, cute clothes and ideal teams. It is a simple stair stepped process you can learn that will make a significant difference in your creativity, health, abundance and happiness.

Are you ready to upgrade and live like a celebrity with your own personalized healing entourage? Join the next Practice Creation Cohort and learn to create a caring and supportive team. My mission is your expansion.

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