Coming Home

May 08, 2022
Shannon Conway
Coming Home

“Your home address is peace.” Said Martha Beck in a recent interview.” So, If you’re not there, what’s meant for you can’t find you.”

Homing means ‘to be guided to a destination by radio signals’. Peace is one of the signals.

Joy too? Calm I also like. Sweetness.


“Coming Home,” I titled it in a client call this week. Coincidentally we were talking about simple dinners, and I mentioned that I like to make Fanny Singer’s ‘Coming Home Pasta’.

My client and I were musing about the project of creating home on sovereign terms. The fantastic feeling of becoming your own safety net.

How do you end up far away from home?

You listen to the wrong radio signals. It’s tricky, because sometimes it’s interesting to try out a new station, right? And risk is essential to expansion.

I’ve tuned into the wrong signals. It feels like home. But it’s not home—it’s familiar. It’s the experience of feeling seen, or supported, which feels good, like a puzzle piece dropping into place. Then things switch, and it’s pain. Being disempowered or diminished. Belittled.

A sense of doom settles. Ugh... I have to get myself out of this (job, place, love affair).

Life is a language learned through mistakes, said Paulo Coelho.

I saw this quote from Amal Clooney the other day; it struck me.

"I have in my husband a partner who is incredibly inspirational and supportive, and we have a home filled with love and laughter. It is a joy beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I feel so lucky to have found a great love in my life, and to be a mother."

What I love about her besides everything, and her entire wardrobe, is that she exudes happy intelligence. The life she lives did not land in her lap. She created it.

We’re all creating it. Manifestation is a precise science. It is also crazy simple. Decide what you want. Get into the energy of it. Rewrite the rules that say you can’t have it. Hold the idea that what you want can be yours, ‘or something better’.

If what you want is George Clooney, you might want to focus more on ‘something better’ since he is clearly in someone else’s realized manifestation. But beyond that, the world’s pretty much your oyster.

Decide what you want. Most of us know what we do NOT want. Seriously. Read that again. It’s not about what you don’t want. It’s about defining what you want.

Get into the energy of the thing you want. Write about it, talk about it.

Rewrite the rules that say you can’t have it.

Faith. Faith beyond reason.

Create HOME.

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