Creating Your Bespoke Business

courage inspirational snacks Apr 24, 2021


Do you ever feel that you are too smart for your business, and not smart enough all at the same time?

That there’s so much KNOWLEDGE you want to shovel into it, but also so many things you don’t understand? This is natural.

It’s so intimate. You feel self-conscious. The business doesn’t want to see you in your underwear unless you’ve had a fresh bikini wax and have your arms above your head to optimize the angle. But it should also be taking you out for sushi, because damn, you work hard. 

Sort another strategy move? UGH. You'd prefer to find a mid-2000s RomCom you haven’t yet seen and just unplug into that.

The method for coming into flow, growing and “scaling” in the entrepreneurial world is not a set formula.

It's a personalized path. This truth has eluded us. Eluded us if we are tender hearts whose training programs paid less than 1/2 class’ worth of attention to teaching us how to personalize marketing strategy. And those classes didn’t acknowledge the traumas many of us have about marketing and visibility.

Maybe you need one more training or certification. There are so many juicy options. 

If you were just posting more, you know. Or had whiter teeth. Or different prices.

Eluded you if you feel deep in your heart that there's one thing that you want to tell your business but you can't say it out loud.

It is exhausting you.

You want to live in a foreign country, and how can that work given your service model?

It really needs to make more money!

You're actually not about the money. You want it to be fun. Which it is NOT. 

Your offerings don’t fit you anymore, but people seem to like them, so uggghhh. 

Untangling your heart into your business calls for trust. Trust that it can take you where you want to go. 

Maybe you think your business doesn’t have the capacity to take you all the way. Or if it is going to take you ‘all the way’ you have to twist yourself into a total pretzel to get there. And the sheer exhaustion and sadness in that idea has frozen you in place.

Even as you are making it happen in and for the business.


The truth about our work is that it wants us to ask for a deeply personalized path. It takes courage to say, "This thing is NOT working, but I still feel a tug in my heart to lean in”. We carry trauma about being true to our creative yearnings, healing paths, how quickly the thing needs to make all the money, how much money it needs to make. 

Last night as I lay in bed I heard an old yoga song in my head. “Let your Heart Be Known”.

‘Let your heart be known, my love’, say the lyrics.

As with all relationships, when you say out loud to yourself and then to another, I want it to work. I want it to be easy, and fun. Expansive, nourishing. I want it on my terms.

You are asking.

Which you already know is ‘Step One’ in manifestation.

Then, your task is to release resistance. And let the steps and path flow in. One tender whisper at a time. It takes energetic support, guidance, and trust that your personal needs and asks deserve kind space and attention. They absolutely do. Because tending them is how you create your bespoke business.  


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