Daring to be Different

Jul 03, 2022
Shannon Conway
Daring to be Different


Hi Everyone,


I have been working a thorny problem. And I am finally figuring it out. Like all big lessons, it felt unsolvable until it suddenly was clean and simple in the light. What is it?

How to support clients who need more support in integrity while not burning myself to the ground.


Questions that have kept me up at night:

  • If ‘scaling’ is the goal, why doesn’t it work for most people? The energetics of holding a big group blow people out and blow programs apart. To me those big programs also often feel out of integrity.
  • How can so many programs charge high ticket but not include personal coaching? People get incredibly stuck without it and waste a LOT of time and money (raises hand).

Coaches need coaches at all levels of practice. There is always a new level, and it is particularly challenging to get a practice from first to third gear.  Med students aren’t out there performing surgeries after one year. How can 6 months of training be enough to teach you fully, wholly how to coach, care for yourself in practice AND create a business. And run that business sustainably? It is simply not possible. That is a 1-2 year project at minimum.

My own coach straight up told me this on a beach in Mexico last November.  Yet I could not wrap my head around the how, and I had to wrestle my hang up about it to the ground. Meanwhile, many of my students were coming back to me for additional support,  essentially showing me where I needed to create structure. The obstacle in my path is my path …

I’ve been supporting coaches and creatives who need guidance with expansion for 6 ½ years.

As my practice has evolved, I’ve been blessed to have clients who want to stay with me, or who loop away and come back. Client retention is every coach’s dream, but it is a challenge given we all have only so much capacity, and more critically, are in an industry that markets fast transformation and scaling as the holy grails.


I wrote a letter to our graduating cohort, and I am sharing part of it here:

Your work is deeply important and belongs OUT IN THIS WORLD. Particularly now. 

You have the ability to choose, as a goddess on your lotus flower, what programs you claim for support, structure and guidance. You have evolved. In full transparency I have long hesitated to invite people into programs after completion of ‘basic training’ because I listened to coaches tell me they couldn’t spend more until they were ‘making money’. And I wanted to help people get to the place of fully owning it as a working coach as quickly as possible.


These were my blind spots! Building a practice takes a lot of energy, and it takes time. It won’t take five years but it will take more than one.  And while you are in that process, you need coaching. DIY content doesn’t get you ‘there’ in your practice goals. I know this because I tried—it is the slow train and is fraught with frustration. I also have had many people come back to me after spending thousands on self paced or big group programs. Once they were with me again we easily got them through something they paid $2-10k to solve in a big impersonal group.


I am finally ready to launch a Level Two. A program that builds on what I teach in my signature Level One, and is more spacious and deeply focused on creating products, solid marketing and revenue. 

The program will be constructed in a model that I have now PROVEN works, and the model is statistically supported by higher education and corporate training. 


What is the model?

Content that is taught via various media in small cohorts with ready access to instructor support + coaching. This simple model—I literally just snorted after typing it—is NOT common in coaching! In fact, it is quite rare.  

BUT IT IS THE MODEL THAT WORKS. We need intimate support that sees our challenges and blind spots. We need to know what’s happening in the industry; we need tools, structure and continuing education.

Open Now: Level One. Create the Vision Board and Become the Coach.

UNIT ONE Of this program is being sold as a standalone Creative + Energetic Incubator.

Opening late summer: Level Two: The Road Map.


DM for more info or payment links on any of these offers!

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