Disempowerment? Flip it and Reverse it

inspirational snacks support trauma healing Oct 10, 2021


Becoming an entrepreneur was a healing path for me. Are you like this?  

The misalignment I experienced when I worked for others was guidanceGuidance can be delivered via discomfort. Truth be told, it often is! 

Do you listen to the podcast ‘How I Built This’

My favorite stories are the ones where the founders find a problem that could use an evolved solution: Spanx, Dermalogica, Patagonia, Aden + Anais. They scramble their way through iterations with brave confidence that they can be market makers. Against all odds, they finally crack through and then there’s a huge payoff and Unilever buys them for a zillion bucks (Tatcha). 


The problem I observed was disempowerment. 

** Women trained from childhood to not listen to their own feelings, to not understand how money works—and to be shamed for that “weakness”. 

** Women held back from fully trusting and expressing themselves because they were trained to be afraid to make mistakes in competitive environments. 

** Women trained to accept less, simply because they’re women.

** Women trained to let others set their value.

** Women shamed when men could not handle their own feelings.


All of us without a handbook for the emotions that drive us. 

I personally had to get completely clear of everyone in order to tune into the guidance, because the programming ran so deep. It was entwined with my desire to serve. I love to serve. It was in my bones. And God it feels good to do it from a place of safety, security, and abundance.

For some of us, understanding how to be bigger takes deep healing support

Ask for it--for more and more and more of it, until you feel safe, supported and so full that your cup runs over. If you are not madly in love with your work, and you feel deeply called to serve..maybe you are being called to coach? 

Redesigned, refreshed, and absolutely current with all the best tools and practices. Enrollment for Coach Training IS OPEN for our next cohort. 




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