Do You Track Your Magic

inspirational snacks magic Aug 08, 2021
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Magic tracking is a language you can learn. It makes life easier, sweeter, lighter and, you know..more magic. And the more you track it, the more you experience. 

You don’t have to do this. You can be stubborn, like me, wanting things to be different but resistant.

Here is a story about ignoring magic. 

When my mom died, far too young, I was angry with her for leaving us. I carried hurt in my heart for a long while. Years later,  my sister had connected to my mom’s spirit and suggested I do the same. I felt resistant. It was not logical. I wanted to be ‘right’ about being mad, still? It was illogical. My sister gifted me a session with a medium, I went, reluctantly. Gah, it is embarrassing to share this story, because I see how I was blocking! I mean, who stays mad at a dead person? Me, apparently.

My mom and dad (by then my father had also passed away) came through in the session with the medium. I learned a lot that day. And ever since, I often feel my mom’s spirit in my life in the form of a lighthearted energy that makes songs play. It’s part of my personal magic. 

 It’s well understood that spirits can communicate through electronics. My mom’s spirit makes songs play in restaurants, stores, airports. Always songs that she knew when she was alive, and that have resonance for me.

This experience has become a comforting guide, but more than that, it has gently broken me out of old anxiety based patterns.

I try to consciously be aware of it now. I still forget, and it is subtle. But when I remember, it teaches me. And sometimes profoundly changes things.

Pearson’s Law: When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.

Track your magic. Let yourself live lighter. 

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