Durable Family Harmony?

inspirational snacks support trauma healing Nov 24, 2021

You want⁣ kids that love, respect, and support you. Partners that feel reverential about you while they also see you in your full humanity. ⁣

Sovereign experiences that YOU create. People who feel HUMBLED to work with you. A grateful heart that you can turn back ON when it gets stuck off. ⁣


✨The ability to MAGNETIZE experiences that you desire, and to have them turn out WAY better than you could imagine. ⁣

✨The ability to shift the vibe of rooms, days, sticky spots in relationships, old programming, any kind of limitation.

The confidence that you can make absolute MAGIC out of your life. ⁣And it is meant to be that way. ⁣🤩

It happens when you DEVOTE yourself to the path. ⁣

Reset and focus when you falter. Listen to the love in your heart over the fear that freezes your jaw or belly. ⁣The world deeply needs feminine leadership. We are mesmerized and healed by it. We are inspired by it. We ARE it. ⁣

During your holidays, create beautiful space you can fill with your creativity. Holiday empowerment is a lesson inside the Black Friday bundle being offered at a discounted price.

Full disclosure—it’s the last video and I was really in the groove at that point and pretty much channeling. 🔥⭐️⁣

The practices in there are the most potent things I’ve done to release overwhelm (and truly understand what it means), conjure miracles, manifest any healer almost on demand and become the super nourished happy matriarch of my family. It is a no brainer investment and downloads instantly--no drip. 


Creating the life and family of your dreams doesn’t happen with partial effort. It is a practice of devotion, surrender, and expansion. Like labor, which I think is the metaphor for all transformation. Choose devotion. You deserve the treasures it provides.

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