Easy miracle making for control freaks (like me)

Dec 20, 2022
Shannon Conway
Easy miracle making for control freaks (like me)

One time in high school my dream came true when my high school crush climbed onto the roof of my garage and knocked on my bedroom window. Unfortunately, this miracle woke up my mother, not me. I was out with my girlfriends, probably scarfing fries at McDonald’s.

Mom, thrilled, waited up to tell me all about it.

I was bummed. For as long as I could remember I’d had a crush on someone. And at night in the winter, I longed to have my crush miraculously appear. “Miraculously” would be the key word, because not only did I grow up in Alaska, which is rife with remote locations, my parents also loved to head to those remote locations every damn weekend.

The chance of my crush appearing to make my dream come true was perpetually remote.  

And on the one night it happened, I missed it.

Miracles often happen when we’re doing something else. The Universe is fickle that way. She likes to wait (yes, I have gendered her) until we are out eating fries or in the middle of a sweaty workout, or laughing our heads off to bring the juice. 

I find this rather vexing. I would prefer to have the Universe perform on cue. Apparently I have like 25 planets in Virgo. I am not known for being spontaneous.

The Universe does not care—she has her ways. “Night” is one of them.

As a single parent, I accidentally discovered an easy miracle making practice. My daughters would bring me challenges and requests in the evening. Get supplies for this project, help me solve this friendship issue. Given I am a morning person, I began suggesting that we rest any concern that came up after 8 pm. This trained the girls to raise supply concerns before dinner, which was good for everyone’s mood, because no one really wants to go to Target at night. But the real gain was much deeper.

We found if we put problems to rest at night often the most marvelous solutions would appear the next day. The secret was intention setting. We’d wake up to untangled plans, to friendships healing, to financial windfalls. To this day we all follow the “8 o’clock rule” when we have conflicts and challenges.

I developed that practice out of sheer exhaustion and practicality.

Imagine my surprise when I later learned that there is scientific proof of its efficacy. Teachers such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jose Silva and the legendary Neville Goddard have proven that using the time just as you fall asleep to set an intention for the reality you are yearning to create brings you into alignment with the self that is living that reality.

In the worlds of those master teachers, this method is how you create incredible miracles such as corrected vision, being honorably discharged from the Army, winning contests and so forth. In my family’s ordinary (but miracle laden) life it has solved hundreds if not thousands of challenges in relationships, love, money, schoolwork and work.

The method is simple. As you are going to sleep, ask the Universe for help with your challenge and offer it up. Surrender your control. Then go peacefully to sleep and wake up refreshed. I made a brief training about it, and it’s linked right here. A perfect practice for Solstice! Enjoy.

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