"Find out who you are, then do it on purpose." ~Dolly Parton

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Women are the power that is shifting humanity. We are cracking apart hundreds of years of fear-led narratives, including beliefs (for example, about how money operates or what will happen to us when we use our voices) that we personally carry in our deepest cells. We do not go it alone in this. This is the heroine's journey. And its central purpose is healing. Then, new values, new foundations, new worlds. It is not an easy path, but it IS simple.


Your empowerment comes when you feel into these questions: What really lights up my heart? What truly pisses me off?  The exact things that have called for your heart's attention since you were little are your medicine, and they are your medicine for the world. 


If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for? ~Lin Manuel Miranda, as Alexander Hamilton


In my case, for example, I was always spiritual but did not find a home in religion, despite studying it in high school, college, and post-grad. I yearned to be understood and receive deep love but operated from fear, lack, and low self-worth stories that prevented me from experiencing my true power. I was born into a loving stable home and grew up in privilege--the lack and fear stories were programmed pre-birth. Love, healing, art, Source, pleasure, and beauty are my interests, and it's always been variations on those themes. And they can be applied to all the *new/old* topics that are in play. 


What about you? What questions nag at you still, where do you find sweetness? As weird as it might seem during this headline heavy year, those are your guidelights. And your music, your concentrated personal genius is needed NOW more than EVER before. Not diluted. Not boxed up. You--in your power.


Not feeling it? GET HEALINGS until you are back on fire.  

Artists like us tremulously bring forth creativity and splash it around the world...then get our hearts badly broken or are given fearful narratives (you can't do THAT) and we redirect, resulting in split energy. Which gives the central narratives (fear, control) more power. We do not have room for that anymore.


According to master teachers, it's either 1% or 5% of humanity that needs to come to consciousness to shift our planet into a higher vibration. Shall we go with 1%, since it feels more achievable? As we careen through this crazy year, it's clear that the way we shift is by pursuing our own personal deep interests and sources of happiness. This is not blindly selfish. This is feminine. It is choosing to fill our cups and to give from fullness. To teach, act, donate, protest, write, sing, speak, yell, and even fight from a place of informed, lighted up fullness. 


We don't want our world 'back'. We want a better world. Let's make it so. 


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