Give Yourself Permission

Apr 23, 2023

Last year at this same time, I had a potent time here in Portland. I hosted a cohort of coaches and entrepreneurs, and we demystified the mechanics of practice creation. One practice at a time we looked at the dreams, goals and tangled up fears. Their refreshed practices were infused and relaunched. “I feel so good about where we landed with mine,” was the main sentiment.

If our purpose on earth is to SERVE then shouldn’t that work be supported?

Since I was a child, I have felt slightly out of place in the world. Too sensitive, creative in ways that the world didn’t seem to understand, and lacking confidence to be brazen about my unique beliefs. For a long time I had no true mentors. And I thought I needed permission. 

I wanted to raise my kids from a place of happy empowerment. I wanted permission to be loved all the way. Permission to be abundantly supported, to feel safe, healthy, beautiful, whole. 

Absent this permission, I walked around quietly devastated. 

But ultimately all those NO messages became my greatest gifts because I learned to give myself permission. I can choose to be lovable, sexy, independent, abundant. I can choose to be in service on my terms. No one has the right to limit me – or you. 

Fears dissolve in the light of awareness, and beliefs are rewired when you can install new ones.

A coaching or creative practice needs DEVOTION. Within the private intimate framework of devotion to your practice you find the lessons you are meant to master. And then, of course, teach.

Shannon's Suggestions


Have you tried cold plunging? I think I can say that I first learned of it as a child because my family had outdoor saunas in extreme locations. I grew up in Alaska. I knew even then that it created a fun buzz in my body, but I did not consider it as a useful mental health practice. Then I heard Tim Ferriss speak of how it helped him with depression, and then it really took off because of Wim Hof. The other day the manager of my high rise apt building told me that the next building they are constructing will have a cold plunge on the roof! You can purchase a portable cold plunge for as little as $99 on Amazon, or go big with something like this. I hope by the time you read this that I have plunged myself—I’m working in Bend for a few days this week with easy access to a very cold river.


Audible, Kindle, online Spark Notes… There are so many ways to absorb material FAST and I love that I can cruise through a book while on a long walk. But recently I have felt called to hold books in my hands and turn pages again. To walk into the bookstore and look at the stacks, and most potently, to read something outside of my steady set of topics. A book of poetry, or gardening or design or urban planning. Apps can break our digital addiction by shutting us out of OTHER apps. Or they can consciously disengage from our glowing rectangular lovers by choosing to do offline things. Let’s have a personal book club. Pick up an actual book and read this week. One I am eyeing for an upcoming vacation is Ari Shapiro’s The Best Strangers in The World.  What are you reading?

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