Giving Yourself Permission

inspirational snacks magic Jan 16, 2022
Shannon Conway
Giving Yourself Permission

Learn to give yourself permission. Permission from others feels good because we are wired to be tribal, and that means we follow convention. 


Following convention kept me small. Learning to grant myself permission has created a lot of miracles and adventures.


A long time ago I was sitting in a cafe with Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth in front of me. I had just spilled my dream of creating a yoga studio to my friend Mollie. “Well, if you want to buy yourself a job, that’d be a good one.” she said. That was my permission. 

I started the project right after lunch. 


When it’s something huge, we often need someone else to validate it. See it, support it, hold it with and for us. I still run most everything past my trusted personal council, because I’m fully wired for connection. But I’ve learned that I can show myself that it’s safe to take risks, and that in playing at the edges I can be divinely supported. 


You can normalize risk taking. As coaches and healers, we have to! We are here to teach our clients exactly what we learn ourselves. Clients NEED you to uplevel. 


It irritates me when I see coaches posting about taking it slow at the start of the year. Sharing about the TV shows they are watching. That is not how you get to $10k months, or $10k weeks. They are playing small. Unless they are riding the wave of a monster Q4, in which case, yes! Go to the Maldives!


I am not a person you’d think would be into risks. I was a self supporting single mom. I had anxiety.  I needed things to be practical.  But divinely supported risks captivated me, and I slowly learned how to take them while still feeling completely safe. 

I Mary Oliver-ed the shit out of my life. “One day you finally knew”.


I started asking, how can I make it safe for myself. How can I trust money? How can I always travel first class? How can I NEVER worry about who has access to me. (That one might be my favorite). How can I charge what I want for my services? How can I not have to shop for clothes? How can I eat healthy lunches on weekdays when I don’t want to cook? Questions like these are how you shift timelines. 


I gave myself permission. And now I’m going to Greece for my birthday this year. 

And I had an $11k week in December. I did not make that happen by taking Epsom salts baths, resting, and watching TV. I risked it. Over, and over. 


Give yourself permission to take some risks, and blow this year UP.

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