Happy Easter if you are celebrating this holiday!

inspirational snacks magic support Apr 03, 2021


One of my favorite Easter season memories is from the first time we celebrated with my grandparents at their home in Palm Desert, CA. I’ll never forget the amazement I felt at being given a REAL palm on Palm Sunday, and the joy of feeling my Easter clothes fit the warm weather. I was so OVER Easter egg hunts in snow boots! 

I’ve been thinking about expansion this week. It’s Spring, the world is shifting into light on a lot of levels. And it’s also the end of Q1, which was a big quarter of growth for many of us.

The teaching ‘New level new devil’ snags us as we grow. Waking up in a cold sweat after launching a new venture—will it work, will your competition resent you? Second-guessing a pricing model—it should be less expensive, you’re blowing out your audience! Fear that you don’t have the energy to manage what you’re creating—maybe you should quit, or at the very least someone is going to figure out that you work a lot less than other people.

Old memories flaring painful feelings in your body.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve been around me for even a single session, you likely know that I love the book ‘The Big Leap’ by Dr.Gay Hendricks. One of my favorite parts of the book is the teaching on discomfort. Discomfort, says Gay, is simply information that means “things are changing”.

When you feel it, you don’t need to shrink away from the trickster messages that are flaring like a ticker tape, or the anxiety storm that’s threatening to take over. You can invite in the energy of expansion.

“What new learning wants to happen here? How can I trust it and become a more supported, empowered, peaceful version of myself?”

Discomfort means expansion.

I remember the day I finally got that idea into my bones for the first time—discomfort means EXPANSION.

I felt a cascading slide show of times I crumbled facing challenges and fears rather than inviting in expansion. Programmed out of the joy of risk-taking and carrying a crippling theme of impossible perfectionism, to me discomfort said ‘you’re doing it wrong, you're going to get caught, stop--NOW, go back, fix something!'

Clients share that they feel they’re taking up too much space, they’re burnt out, their truths will be discovered (imposter syndrome), or the other shoe is going to drop.

The Universe is always tenderly offering messages and direction. But we’re trained to override that sweetness with our programming, trauma, and of course, fear. Welcoming in fresh energy (discomfort) with curiosity and gratitude takes practice and a framework of support. It takes creating a vision of yourself that knows you are ALWAYS being guided.  The Universe will respect your free will. But it will also suggest, again and again, ways you can co-create with it to live in more abundance, peace, and joy.

Last year I began tracking all the various supports I call on to be able to serve at my best in my life, family, and business. I commonly get questions about my talent for connecting people to healers and services, and I realized that organically…led by energetics and my business..I’ve grown in what I claim for support. There’s a masculine energy to this process that is a necessary component to being fully expressed in feminine energy. What I want is safe to have, and in choosing to have it I am becoming more aligned, and therefore better able to serve. For those of us who are recovering codependents, this teaching is hugely healing and freeing.

And takes support.

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