Hiding in the Freezer Aisle

Jun 26, 2022
Shannon Conway
Hiding in the Freezer Aisle

Kelly was hiding from me. “I’m sorry” she squeaked. We were in the grocery store. She bashfully turned her head toward the frozen potatoes. I was confused. Had I forgotten about a slight? No. She was talking about how she’d been missing yoga class. WHAT?

An invisible accountability force was tethering her practice to seeing me, the studio owner. She felt she was neglecting her practice. For years (um decades, Jesus) people have said to me, “Oh, I practice. I have a home practice.” Or, “I practice with <BRILLIANT TEACHER> on YouTube.” Say that to me, and (sorry not sorry) I might be judging you. Because the truth is, you probably are not working your practice. A practice takes---wait for it ... PRACTICE. 

Practice is something I’ve figured out over many years. Through practicing, I understand the energy and frequency of practice. If you are a coach, a creative, a solopreneur, a woman in business who seeks new ways — you need to learn the energetic tricks of practice. The energy of my practice requires, just like my yoga practice, that I create time and space for it. That I take care of my body, mind and spirit and bring my best self to practice. That I “Open up to something bigger” as my teacher often says. That I go beyond where I think I can go physically, emotionally, energetically. And in that new space find peace, freedom, nectar —maybe ecstasy? 

Life is meant to be miraculous. So says A Course in Miracles, by Helen Schucman. “Miracles are natural,” is the teaching. “When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.” That something is usually low vibe beliefs, stuck energy, fear, ancestral trauma. 

Creating miracles in the lives of our students and clients is my passion and my practice. The more I lean into simply unlocking the frequency of practice the more crazy wild miracles happen in my life and the lives of people connected to this business. Money in unexpected waves. Lovers appearing out of nowhere. Dream businesses and team members, ideal clients, travel opportunities, healed relationships, art shows, contracts to do creative work that eclipse wild dreams. These are miracles. And for us they are simply ‘everyday work’. Because we are doing the work of practice. What I can tell you after over ten years in coaching practice and more than twenty in yoga is: you need a teacher. You need someone - ahead of you holding the frequency for you, so you can tap into that vibe. So you can draft that bike in the lead. My own teachers have shown me over the years that they are always practicing, and always taking time to ‘get fed’. These are two of the simple rules of practice. We need help to learn how to recalibrate when we’re triggered by clients or outside energies. We need to learn how to confidently ask for bigger sales, because pulling yourself into higher asks is how you heal your money. You need to learn how to respond, not react, when sales aren’t closing or you’re feeling frightened. ALL of these are energetic problems, and all require that you have capacity, a framework and support.

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