How to Have Untouchable Peace

Sep 25, 2022

Here’s a fun lesson I learned over the Summer from a master teacher. It applies to empaths, which is pretty much everyone on this list. With wide open-heart chakras, we do not need to learn any more about caring for others. We are masters at that. Our work in THIS lifetime is to learn to care deeply for ourselves.

It is a key lesson in the whole ‘Earth is a School’ curriculum. And we’re being tested on it in a zillion ways. When you get a little piece of it you likely feel better—boundaries feel so good. But then another challenge appears. The invitation? Selfish self-care.

Example A: Last year, bothered by a soul tie relationship that reared up to trigger me annually on my birthday, I faced it head on. I acted from a place of self-love. I felt that the relationship ought not continue to upset me. I wanted resolution. I bravely (but not without internal terror) dove in. The result? I gained learning about my own worthiness, which is a central theme for me. The wound healed, and the relationship right sized, 180 degrees from what it was before. As usual, the resolution fit the Universe’s ‘this or something better’ offer to a T. The lesson I thought the relationship contained wasn’t what it really was at all. It was a far more resonant one. No, we are not together, but we are connected in a healthy way.

Example B: I’ve long thought of myself as an ‘idiot savant’ in business and felt performative with my own team members, getting stuck in others’ rules, procrastination, fear. I felt stupid a lot. This nearly killed my business (lessons take us ALL the way down, right?). When I claimed support on my own quirky terms, things shifted and began to flow. Recently I heard a teacher say she walked into a class on ‘building to 8 figures’ expecting it to be about tools and funnels. The actual topic was TEAM. Boom. As tiny as we are at SCC, we are tight and in flow. We feel poised to grow. This is happening because I let myself be, frankly, myself.

A phrase I love: People cannot have my happiness.

If you are giving your energy away by thinking, worrying or over-serving relationships that aren’t pouring happily into you, you are off your soul’s path.

There is a particular way we empaths will solve for X and it generally involves over giving or figuring out what the OTHER person needs to learn.

F that. Lean into the discomfort of asking for what YOU want. Yes, it’s weird and uncomfortable!!! Because it is a SOUL lesson, and you don’t see the genius of it until you step fully into it.


  • For those of you who were on BABYWATCH, please say hello to little Leo Evelyn, who was born September 16, 2022! The new family is settling in.
  • We had our first Community Connection Gathering event here in PDX on September 14! It was super fun. One guest received approval on a patent that day ~ congratulations Liz! She is not our client, so we can’t take credit for her magic – but we the fantastic story she shared about how paying attention to even the smallest details generates magic resonated with and inspired everyone to be mindful of what the universe is offering. In addition to magic, burnout was a hot topic that night. How to take care of yourself as a leader while your team is expressing big needs. We’re on a mission to empower you to never experience burnout, and to know how to empower your teams so they too can rise above even the possibility of it (see Work With Us below).


  • We’re coming to Bend! Please RSVP to join us for a Community Connection Gathering Thursday 9/29 from 5:00-6:30pm at The Grove (921 NW Mount Washington Dr., Bend)
  • October and November Community Connection Gatherings coming to Portland and Seattle. Email us to be notified about days and times.


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Have a great week everyone and please stay in touch.

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