I was packing up to leave Mexico when I took this call

courage inspirational snacks Dec 05, 2021
After a week of work + vacation in friendly Mexico I was packing to leave when I took a Zoom call. It was with my sister and one of her friends. They were calling in from a cabin in Mammoth, CA. My sister had been pushing for the call.“There are so many parallels between what is happening for my friend and what you went through. Please talk to her.”
How do we go from losing everything to receiving beyond what we can imagine?  We are here to learn, people. Here to learn to ‘carry light without restriction’ as Tosha Silver says. 
And then to share that light. 
They popped up on the screen I had balanced on pillows. Her friend—slender, radiant, very L.A. My sister cozy in her sweater. We knew time was short, so we dug in. The friend is trying to recover from a toxic relationship. She’s casting about for tools, a strategy. She needs lifelines. “How did you do it?” She earnestly asked. 
Six years ago I endured the worst holiday of my life as I went through my own difficult breakup. Robert Ohotto speaks of the vampire/blood donor archetype. I had donated nearly my last pint. Life was fragile and challenging. ⁣On the Monday after Thanksgiving, my phone rang as I drove to yoga class. It was my best friend, and she was terrified. Her husband was on life support; he’d had a massive heart attack while waiting for a ferry. At that time, Catherine was my only full ‘bury the body’ lifeline. Toxic ties shrink your circle.
The Universe has a way of getting your attention. My rough patch had just gotten much worse, and ⁣I was being forced to surrender. 
Listen. Make a way for yourself inside yourself. Stop looking in the other way of looking. ~Rumi
I could feel the layers of difficulty wrapped around my sister’s friend. We untangled them, smoothed things out, and considered how to shore her up. She listened, rapt..feeling like, whoa, yes…the lights can come back on in here. Tenderly she said, I really want to work with you. As we said goodbye I could hear her say OMG I love her!
Later, my sister texted me, thank you so much. 
We are unicorns, and yet the path is actually the same for us all. The obstacle in your path IS your path. Ignore it, and as Abraham Hicks says, Don’t worry, it will get bigger. As coaches and healers, we are invited to live and breathe this with devotion. 
Earth is not an easy school sometimes. It has a way of kneecapping you when you’re not listening to those invitations to expand. Our souls have the map. Our minds are stubborn, rational, ego-driven. The magic that takes things in exponential leaps happens when you get still and devoted. Practice is what brings the light through. You have to be brave and curious. Do the things you think you cannot do. Invest in ways that take your breath away. Take risks, reach for the ring. ⁣
If someone told me on that dark Thanksgiving what was ahead for me I would have sobbed in gratitude. But the Universe only gives us the next step. As coaches and healers it is our work and our privilege to be the light for others, every day. 
My world is taking care of me is my favorite mantra from 2020. 
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