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Apr 09, 2023

Have you heard about the coaching model of “you’re in 3rd grade and the client is in 1st grade”? It means that when you are working with a client you want to be just a tiny bit ahead so you can shine light with them and for them.  There’s a deeper layer to this. In that deep layer space is the true richness of working with other humans on their potential and expansion. 

Leaning into it requires a trust fall. 

How can it be that the song you just heard or the book you’re reading or how YOU just got unstuck relates to the struggle or aha that your client is working on right now today, in this moment? It doesn’t make sense on the intellectual level. You’re supposed to be the expert here, bringing in proven guidance. 

Creative collaboration, which is what all human interaction IS, invites you to always be in the moment. Not in your head filled with worries or ego, not in your to do list. Be in the now. Creating. I hear what you are working on, and I weave THIS idea into that tapestry. 

It takes bravery. It will feel like you’re faking expertise, almost too easy. But it is NOT easy. The idea you present will be a point for your client to riff off of, and THEN things get super real. And super magical too. 

Shed your performative pattern, your imposter syndrome, your stuck throat chakra. Get your energy UP and be in a safe space of peace with that client. Be only with that client. While not erotic in the classic sense, it is as intimate an experience as you’ll ever have outside of erotic connection. 

Draw from your own life in your work. It takes confidence. 

It takes confidence in your own practice, and that is exactly what I teach. Confidence, courage, creativity and more. Your own path of healing, self care and joyful expansion IS the path to a fruitful abundant coaching practice. It’s an out loud secret. Devotion to your practice builds YOUR practice. 

Shannon's Suggestions

Do you wrestle with self compassion? It’s crazy hard sometimes to quiet that noisy voice in your head. It says the meanest things. It’s just wrong. You are so worthy.  I love you. Feeling into this theme of compassion–which really, we can never have enough– I came across this gorgeous talk with Jack Kornfield. Practical Guide on Finding Inner Peace

Hot theme for us this year is connection. Fostering it, seeking it, savoring it. To that end we’re starting up live events again–details are below! And I am currently reading and learning a LOT from: The Art of Gathering. How we meet and why it matters. By Priya Parker. 


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