If You Woke Up Today With Tender Nerves, I Feel You!

inspirational snacks support trauma healing Nov 04, 2020


If You Woke Up Today With Tender Nerves, I Feel You! Yet you are needing to step up and serve, and others will be looking to you for clarity, clean energy, and guidance. 

Here are a couple of quick tricks you can use to shift some of that density. 

  • Meditate for at least 6 minutes and preferably 10 

Lately I have been enjoying meditating with Archangel Metatron, the angel of Empowerment. He works with sacred geometry and invoking his strong presence can bring a felt peace within minutes. Kristin Taylor has created numerous Archangel Metatron meditations (link is to a longer one, but they are as short as ten minutes) and you can find them on Insight Timer. Search Metatron or Kristin Taylor. 



It breaks up the stuck energy! It really, really works. If you can get through this without breaking into a giggle you are stronger than me. It is only two minutes long. 


  • Love

Put your hand on your own heart and remind yourself..you’ve got this. We are made for challenging times. We are the goddesses. Hug another person—hugging is a nutrient! I am so excited that my sweet Lily is coming down to Bend on Friday! I will be getting all the hugs. For today I am going to see my cousin’s adorable toddlers. 

  • Gratitude

We have MUCH for which to be grateful, even in the midst of angst in this tough year. On challenge days it can be rough to come up with a gratitude or three! But you know you’ve got them, so write them down. Later today when you are holding space for others you can assign this to THEM with energetic conviction. On my darkest days my gratitude list has been as simple as a cool pillow or a warm cup of coffee. The guys living in a tent near the power plant in downtown Bend don’t have even those simple sweetnesses. So sit still, ignore that bratty energy, and write down some gratitudes! Minimum three. 


  • Dream 

What is something you know you want to create in the coming year? I shook off the lead blanket of energy this morning thinking about the retreat I want to host in Hawaii next year. Yes! In 2021! I am going to write that dream out in detail in the belief that some of us will be on a beach on Maui late next Spring. The work of creating our own realities is simple, but it is NOT easy. It calls on you to IGNORE your reality at times in favor of what you are energetically pulling in. 


  • Music

I mean, c’mon..this one you ALL know. Do not sink into the ’news’ or fondling the tough stories! Put on a few songs that you know can bring you into a sweeter vibe. I like to turn to Stevie Wonder when I’m super stuck. Here’s a good one.  One of my coaches suggested a kitchen dance party. My favorite iTunes playlist was called 'Kitchen' for years because we loved to rock out while cooking. We like to move it, move it. 


  • Opt Outside

Earthing really works, people. Nature doesn't give a crap about us freaking out, it just is. And its natural rhythms help restore our own. 


  • Shift it

Trust that the world is changing in a good way and know that it needs YOU to do your part. 


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