If Your Mission Doesn’t Scare You It’s Not Big Enough

inspirational snacks magic money Nov 21, 2020

Last night I thought, what if my business could create 100 $1 million dollar businesses? That feels huge to me but is actually tiny in terms of global impact. And change is created one heartbeat, one business at a time. During this challenging year my business, which is microscopic by government terms, has helped numerous other small businesses owned by women with tools, structure, guidance, and support. 

We have supported or helped launch businesses that focus on:  

  • The transformational power of plant medicines 
  • Sexual healing to reclaim personal power
  • Support and tools for new mothers 
  • Health Coaching
  • Digital Marketing
  • Concierge medicine 
  • Marketing for other small businesses 
  • Recovery from traumatic/narcissistic relationships 
  • Athletes in Chronic pain 
  • Virtual Yoga studio
  • Eating disorder healing
  • Aesthetics + Clean Beauty
  • Interior Design

Yesterday I read that Walmart and McDonald’s have profited hugely during 2020, while the rolls of workers at those companies are full of people on public assistance. Meanwhile, hundreds of restaurants in my beloved Portland Oregon have banded together to lobby the government for help to stay afloat in the wake of yet another wave of devastating lockdowns.  

The middle class is shrinking and the 1% is growing. A new administration in the White House will give us a sense of stability, but the sheer scale of impact means we all must contribute, and contribute as big as possible. 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of economies. They are the jewels; they are the creative heartbeats. Depending on your industry your business is considered small if it has under 500 employees and up to $35 million in revenue.  Hardly small in my book! The category I focus on is Retail and Service, which allows up to $6 million in revenue. $6 million in annual revenue can definitely create an impact in your family and community. 

As an ‘awake’ mother to two young women I am on fire to build a world that grants my daughters more freedom and power than I understood at their ages. Oppression and disempowerment are relics; sovereignty and feminine intuitive guidance are the new fuels. 

If your mission doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough.

Okay then. I've landed on the mission. 100 $1 million dollar businesses. 

Healing women from toxic ties, patriarchal culture, and witch wounds while teaching them the exact specifics they need to connect with and heal others and create profitable businesses through that work is not a small mission. It is not something I could learn to do in a year. Or five.

But it is something I get now, and it doesn’t matter to me if it is scary. It is what needs to happen, because Western Women ARE here to save the world. 

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