Is ChatGPT Taking Over?

Jan 08, 2023
Shannon Conway
Is ChatGPT Taking Over?

EVERYONE is obsessed with ChatGPT.

It can feed you story ideas, tell jokes about itself and write Shakespearean poems about risotto, but will it take your job or truly transform your life? Let’s discuss.

Happy New Year everyone, and did you miss me?  I missed me ... I was felled by the flu over the holidays and missed, well, everything, including the deadline to create and send my New Year’s newsletter.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve likely heard about ChatGPT, the new AI tool that is making headlines. “Also known as Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, it’s a 'chatbot' or 'large language model.'  You can ask questions, assign tasks, and even have a candid chat with it — if the bot’s weirdly human personality doesn’t freak you out too much."   ~ Katie Couric Media

I asked Chat GPT to give me ideas about a healthy mindset for the new year and it generated 34 topics in 60 seconds. Impressive! I can also ask it to write essays or scripts for each of those topics. Teachers are now concerned that they won’t know whether students are submitting original work, or work created by AI.

Scary? No.  To my mind, the key definitive here is artificial.  Artificial intelligence is brilliant, but pales in comparison to what we can receive when we source from actual Source. Also, does ChatGPT help us in our human quest to learn the game of life? Not really. And that IS the master mission.

A few days after I got sick, I noticed that my normally happy mood had deteriorated. I felt sad, weepy and even resentful—though I wasn’t sure who or what I was resenting. No matter what positive vibes I tried to feed myself I could not get back to happy ... so I researched bad moods.

"The soul grows weary when it is out of tune,” said a master teacher. “Never attempt to tighten the strings with your own energy. When you are not polarizing to magnetism or radiance you are in impotence of consciousness. Your only task is to replenish yourself."

The unpleasant experience of being in that bad mood nudged me to go to the Chinese doctor for herbs and acupuncture, and that started me on the road to recovery. The herbs and needles helped of course, but I also took comfort in being witnessed and nourished by someone else’s good energy.

“Release the burden of consciousness,” said the master teacher.  “When you tire of carrying consciousness, rest and distract yourself, until you feel ready to work again. Then, surrender to your employer.”

Your ‘employer’ is consciousness.

We resist meditation and try to solve everything with our human brains. We overlook our easy access to a tool far more powerful than ChatGPT.  Divine downloads, lighthearted guidance, miracles and effervescent happiness are as close as our willingness to connect.

  • Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley, wrote about how he spent weeks struggling to finish writing a book. He stepped away from the project and meditated. Then wrote the final chapter in less than 3 hrs.
  • A coach who is the only bread winner for her family needed to sell almost desperately. She felt called to spend the day at the spa. She honored that intuitive hit and brought in $65k while she was unplugged.
  • Famed director David Lynch credits his consistent meditation practice for all his best film and TV show ideas.
  • Self-help teacher Jose Silva followed a weird hunch that hit one night after he said a prayer. It led to a $50k lottery win, a sum that fully funded development of his life’s work.

Maybe this feels like apples and oranges. ChatGPT is being used for writing and service functions, I am talking about inspiration and healing. But the comparison, I posit, is a fair one. We turn to our brains (our own personal ChatGPT functionality) out of habit and fear. Leaning out into consciousness takes trust, consistency and discipline.

I love this quote from the creator of ChatGPT: “ChatGPT is incredibly limited, but good enough at some things to create a misleading impression of greatness. It’s a mistake to be relying on it for anything important.”


Resting my weary soul wasn’t easy for me, because my big powerful ego wants to believe I can stay HAPPY through sheer will. But my soul fell out of tune. And the guidance on what to do about that is clear. Rest. Replenish.

Then, when the soul is ready to come back to work, connect, respectfully and reverentially, with the organic source of inspiration, love, grace and potency. Consciousness. A far more powerful tool than ChatGPT, and it’s as close as your shower, your meditation cushion or a nature walk.

2023 is about Mindset! Our year will be defined by how we tune it, refine it, and expand it. Earth is a school or a game. Play to win.

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