Is there a pill for that?

Jun 11, 2023

Failed launches, imposter syndrome, being cheated on or dumped. Family members whose disrespect pushes you to “I just want to take a pill” energy. Project partners who snappily chew you out. Not sure what’s the worst of this, but for today let’s go with a cheating partner and the sheer terror of imposter syndrome. 

When you’re up against the WALL energetically, it feels horrific. Options: Escape from reality, soak in your tears, admit that you are indeed faking it, give up entirely? I have also tried poking pins in a voodoo doll and deep resentment.

The thing is, all that awful is guidance. It’s actual loving guidance. Resistance training is part of everyone’s evolutionary path. If you don’t grasp this cognitively, you’ll sink when the tests are big. The real flex is to read the tea leaves, solve the puzzle and then make those tests even bigger. 

Failed launches mean you get to run that program with a tiny potent group. Market ‘saturation’ is not a thing if you’re working your sacred calling. Have you actually run the numbers on how many clients/packages you need to thrive in your work? Newsflash—there are billions of people on Earth. You likely need less than 100 to realize your dream. 

Imposter syndrome is a rite of passage. That’s right. Get through that ring of fire, and move on. Family members who don’t treat you with respect lose access. Lovers who dump you? Same same. Soulmates aren’t meant to be together forever. They’re meant to learn lessons from or with one another. 

Mindset coaching is about translating the lessons and applying intuitive  tools to your cognitive and somatic processes so that you can move forward into the light. Into YOUR light. Top leaders know: everyone can benefit from coaching. Coaching is a power tool that helps you get there (and beyond) faster, in spacious supported peace. The real question is, why haven’t you hired me? 

Shannon's Suggestions

Ted Lasso: 

I feared to start Season 3 of Ted Lasso because of all the noise about it. Perhaps it had jumped the shark or lost its magic. My daughter (to whom I had introduced the show) kept pestering me. Mom, have you started it yet? Catch up! I should know to trust my own wise child over the ridiculously amplified clickbait environment. She was right. It’s as exquisite as ever. I loved this review

Having fun with the Sutras 

After reading up on fun earlier this year, I felt into what would be good for my soul and I’ve committed to riding in the World Naked Bike ride later this summer here in Portland. I’m also considering voice lessons and figuring out how to find a new lover. As those projects develop I decided to go super old school and I picked up Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, a book I’ve had a ton of post its in for over a decade. Sutra means ‘thread’ in Sanskrit. Already I am deeply in love with my new practice.
Book 1:2: Yogas citta vritta nrodahah: The restraint of the modifications of the mind stuff is yoga. Read that over and over. Eventually it makes perfect sense. 

Mark Your Calendars

Summer programs

Next up! A live half day event here in gorgeous Portland on July 14th. No nakedness or biking required. Perfect for coaches and creative leaders looking for refreshment and inspiration. And it won’t eat up your weekend! Registration opens next week

Also open: mini programs!  It’s amazing what can happen in 2 or 3 sessions. We run diagnostics, then dive in and you emerge lighter and brighter right away. “I used to feel a sense of tightness paying for coaching” said one long time client recently. Now it’s my favorite expense, because I know how it nourishes EVERY aspect of my life. Invest in yourself to learn to receive. Ready to book? Reply here and we’ll make it happen. 

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