It Can Be Better Than You Expect With Far Less Effort.

courage inspirational snacks Nov 29, 2020

It Can Be Better Than You Expect With Far Less Effort when you learn how to play with energy.  


Let’s quantum leap. 


The idea that it can be better than you expect with far less effort comes from Dr. Barry Morguelan, a world-class medical doctor and the only western Grand Master of a 5,000 year old Chinese Source Energy discipline. 


Dr. B, as he is fondly called, spent many years searching the world for healing techniques more advanced than those he was taught in medical school. 


His studies uncovered that energy is the currency. That tapping into it creates wonder and a sense of gliding through life. But like a slippery fish, it requires that we connect, and reconnect. 


We want it to be easy. We know at a primal level that easy is possible. But the matrix keeps us locked in hardship. 

Our soul knows what effortlessness and abundance feel like. And we want to return to that but don’t think it’s possible. 


The effort that is required is not what you ‘think’. It’s about choosing for it to be easy. 


We refuse to let ourselves believe it. We’re glued to the hard. This year I’ve fought that dragon—the belief of ‘it has to be hard’. 


It does not have to be hard. It has to be different. 


Last night I looked at the welcome emails for my long program and scrapped most everything.


I’ve reinvented, I’ve taken a leap. Spaciousness is the guiding principle now. Students love it. They feel nourished; their creativity is on fire. It’s sexy. 


The new economy is balanced. It’s feminine—led by joy, pleasure, playfulness. And it's held by masculine: healthy boundaries, confidence, caretaking, certainty. 


For me, this means permitting myself to work exclusively with small groups. I felt the tears flow as I let paradigms fall away. My heart came alive. I love acts of service, and idea sex..really going deep with my clients and students. 


Making the leap is as simple as deciding different. And as big as Sisyphus’ boulder. Guidance is crucial. You'll fall down seven times. But you'll get up the eighth time into a full-on miracle.  


When you’re connected, it’s such a turn on. 

Let’s find the heat in your work. 


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