It Might be my Most Essential Tool

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Shannon Conway
It Might be my Most Essential Tool
Learn how to play with energy.  And why. 
Your work, your practice can be better than you expect, and use far less effort. 
You hold others’ hearts in your hands. You are your business. 
You are an energetic lighthouse for your people. Being able to set and reset your energy is essential, and feels fun and powerful. 
Dr. Barry Morguelan, a world-class medical doctor, and the only western Grand Master of a 5,000 year old Chinese Source Energy discipline, brought to the West a method for understanding energy. It’s a current we tap into, and when we hit it,  it creates wonder and a sense of gliding through life. But like a slippery fish, it requires that we connect, and reconnect. 
Energetic surf can be comprised of minor inconveniences, such as my recent flat tire and the nonstop comedy of errors that unfolded from that (I shifted the vibe there to the point that my roadside assistance guy asked me what I did for a living…” only for women?” he said wistfully after I told him). Or larger challenges. In the past four days I have heard about major grief, suffering children, family politics, and serious illness. You probably have at least two of these on your radar right now. 
When you learn how to play with your energy, you gain a deep trust that you can always reset. That you can handle whatever crazy comes your way. Energetic confidence dissolves fear, and it creates magic in your real life. Your calm gives people a feeling of “I’ll have what she’s having” a la When Harry met Sally, and the surge from that washes back over you, expanding your field. 
Truth smack: In coaching, all the other stuff—tools, offers, business practices—won’t work if you haven’t built on a healthy energetic foundation. I learned this the hard way! It will take FOREVER if you don’t set yourself up energetically. Energy work is the number one thing I work on with every private client, and the top practice in my own life. Of course I forget..we all do. And when I do, I get stuck in a morass. But I remember, I settle in, and wow, what a relief. Energetic orgasm, really. 
You can learn to do this faster and far more efficiently than I did. I teach the techniques I use inside my signature program for coaches who want to create bespoke, potent practices. I believe we need to be in love with our practices (and our lives, obvi). I think of this as the artist’s approach. “I make what lights me up. Others respond to my joy” says a postcard on my fridge. Sign up before 12/20 and get a private session with me before the course starts!! In it, we can do a quick practice audit. Sometimes a one degree shift is all you need to begin feeling relief inside your practice. I currently charge $1800/month for private coaching (and prices are going up next year). This session is a $600 value. But the value is’s all about the energy! Anchor in your 2022 energetic uplevel today in our payment plan for only $1177. Start here.
We are growing! I am actively looking for coaches who want to become faculty in my programs. Learn to teach my content! Join our next cohort as a trainer in training, begin teaching live in September. Learn more.

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