It’s getting hot in here.

Apr 17, 2022
Shannon Conway
It’s getting hot in here.

Last weekend we had a potent time here in Portland. I hosted a cohort of coaches, and we demystified the mechanics of practice creation. One practice at a time we looked at the dreams, goals and tangled up fears. Their refreshed practices were infused and relaunched. “I feel so good about where we landed with mine,” was the main sentiment.

The obstacle in your path IS your path. This is my favorite koan. 

The fears we women carry about practice creation are primal. They are overwhelming. I know, because I have had all of them. Practice Creation has felt impossible for many coaches and creatives. Expensive, risky, time consuming, energetically draining, and most powerfully—unsupported in the world. Perpetual overwhelm. Overwhelm is the worst. It’s separation, and of course we need connection to heal and grow.. Overwhelm= there are no resources that can understand or resolve this. I am alone. 


“I don’t want to call myself a coach”, women tell me. But you ARE a coach, I say. And the world deeply NEEDS more, and different, energetic light workers who want to serve the upliftment of others. 


It pisses me off. If our actual purpose on earth is to SERVE then shouldn’t that work be supported? 


Since I was a child, I have felt slightly out of place in the world. Too sensitive, creative in ways that the world didn’t seem to understand, and lacking confidence to be brazen about my unique beliefs. I had no mentors. I see elements of the struggles I endured as a kid threaded into the coaching industry. So much confusing, triggering information. Fears loom large, but the marketplace’s solutions don’t meet them.

  • No model for those who need support to get across the line to trusting their voices. Many coaches have throat chakra issues. Often their music remains unplayed.  
  • Everyone needs money healing.. From claiming value to investing in ourselves while not over burdening tender practices. Did you know that Uber is still not profitable? UBER! Why do women have to endure so much disempowering pressure?  Succeed or fail in a few quarters! Lenders and investors  could care less about our service-based businesses. I look at mine and think what a visionary might see, especially as we come out of a difficult time in the world. Don’t we need more businesses providing healing and empowerment? With a pinch of what Uber runs on I could grow our local and global reach. Of course predatory lenders clamber all over us, making money healing harder. Money shame is the worst. Toxic money is worse than no money at all. 
  • People want a road map to their income goals. Can they get out of that full time job? HOW? They want to know how to hire help, they need to learn to receive.

Others would not give me the permission I craved. I craved to be loved all the way, to be abundantly supported, to feel safe, healthy, beautiful, whole. I wanted to raise my kids from a place of happy empowerment. In not receiving this, I initially felt devastated. But ultimately all those NO messages became my greatest gifts, because the obstacles in my path became my realization that I could give myself those permissions. I can choose to be lovable, sexy, independent, abundant. I can choose to be in service on my terms. No one has the right to limit me. Or you. Called to coach? Make it what you want. 

Fears dissolve in the light of awareness, and beliefs are rewired when you can install new ones.

Practice Creation is the masterwork I’ve spent decades learning. A coaching or creative practice needs DEVOTION. Within the private intimate framework of devotion to your practice you find the lessons you are meant to master. And then, of course, teach.


Practice Creation kicks off again June 23!  It now includes three (!) live events, all of which are optional, but after last weekend’s miracles, I can tell you—if you are doing this work, you deserve the love and lessons we uncover when we are together in person. $8k early bird, price is going up to $10k after the early bird period ends  in light of the new live events we are adding.

Highly curated, deeply supported small cohorts. Here’s the link or if you want to chat, just reply to this email and we’ll make it happen. 

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