Kissing and Collapsing Timelines

inspirational snacks magic money Jan 24, 2021

After almost three months of dividing my energy between CNN and life, I am beginning to breathe in life’s imperfect lovely rhythms.

Not ‘back to normal’, for that is gone, and with it the illusion that it was ever normal. I can’t shrink myself back into the shape I had last winter. That was Before.

I love the me that was showing up then. She did her best. But these new wrinkles I carry, this strength in my heart, this zeal—it was forged in the fires.

I've spent hours on the phone with my quaranteam thought partners walking through the exploding stories of the day, week, month. This is one way that we expand… through talks where we get validation, encouragement, inspiration. Where we whisper, I want to try this, I’m going to add that. And those tender whispers are heard, and supported. Connection is our language of expansion.

The isolation has been crushing. I watched a movie last night with love scenes, and ached in my heart for a surrendered kiss, for protective arms around my shoulders.

That is new, though. Giving myself permission to ache, to want it. I came to it after accepting and transmuting the lessons of an abusive relationship. A years-long nightmare with a soul-crushing hangover.

To create something different from those ruins takes more love than is reasonable, and a purposeful craving for more. Intention.

It’s time to go big. In love, and in life. Well, they’re the same thing.

Our dreams aren’t going to be delivered in 150 page downloadable PDFs.
They come in tiny whispers—moments of starlight.
Intuition asks only that we pay attention.

The big rock goal you have set, or is tenderly at the back of your’s time to bring it forward. The flash of longing you have that pinged twice—listen to it. Everything in life can be pure magic, if we choose to make it so. Crazy big dreams and a whole lotta love are just what we need right now. Creativity and purpose.

AND The more space you take up, the quicker you collapse timelines.
My mission is your expansion. Connection is our language. As Rafiki says in ‘The Lion King’, “it is time.”


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