Learn The Real Meaning Behind Your Money Hassles

inspirational snacks money May 14, 2021

Protection is the meaning behind slow pays, chargebacks, clients with scarcity mindsets and other minor money inconveniences. Learn how to hear your guides when these challenges harsh your happy vibe. 

You are being shown that you need to make shifts--to ascend. 

The Universe likes to give us messages gently and sweetly using our intuition and our Clairs. A whisper in your ear, a song on the radio, a feather. You know the drill. 

But those messages are subtle. You often don’t notice them. When you don’t, working for your good, the Universe then picks up a stick. Maybe you’ve heard me tell the story about the time I was in three rear-ender accidents in three months. This was after twenty plus years without an accident! 

The Universe was kicking my ass--quite literally. 

Slow pays, chargebacks, scarcity mindsets, buyer hesitation and the like are messages that it is time to up level. You aren’t here to bend yourself into a pretzel for your clients. Their worthiness issues aren’t your problem. 

This is not meant to suggest that everyone you work with will be full pay right out of the gate. 

Nor does it mean that you won’t wobble if you are changing your prices. 

Pricing, Sales and Contracts are all divine processes that require clear intention, creativity, and strength. 

But you holding the line about your own worth activates a matching vibration in your clients. You help them into their next level of worthiness by holding your own

When things go wrong, it means you are being invited to go higher. 

Our fear based brains misinterpret messages and shrink where we simply need to translate, shore up, get clear, grow.


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