Love and Basketball

courage support Feb 13, 2022
Shannon Conway
Love and Basketball


One of my favorite podcasters, Kelly Corrigan, interviewed Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, as part of her ‘Tell Me More’ series for PBS.  Kelly always asks the best questions, so even as she was fangirling Steve beyond reason, she nailed it. The team is hugely successful. “What makes it work?” They actually wondered together for a sec. One piece of it came a few minutes later. Steve is himself a former NBA player, having played for the Chicago Bulls under legendary coach Phil Jackson. “What do players miss when they retire?” Kelly asked a guy who is personal friends with Michael Jordan. They don’t miss the games or the adulation, Steve said. They miss the locker room. They miss the bus.


The locker room and the bus. So……Connection, healing, and empowerment?




MEN have had it great forever. They really have. I mean. Right!? 

And as we break apart these old structures we need to take what works. It’s like remodeling a house. It isn’t a teardown; it’s got good bones.


We want to make good money doing the work we love.  We need support, consistent healing, and consistent empowerment. Basically we need a bus. Well, and coaching. 


Every day, and every week, I see how being seen and shored up personally  gets women past a block, a fear, a stuck spot. These changes happen in phone conversations, in group calls and interactions, and in person. Essentially in locker rooms and on the bus. Bus conversations get people onto new platforms bravely teaching classes live, they help women raise their rates, they help them past the unexpected loss of a client, they help when people get depleted, or are dealing with old toxicity. They help when it’s important to own what you are working on and push ‘publish’ or make the big ask. 


2022 is not messing around. Already it’s proved challenging for everyone I know, myself included! We need each other. You need to be choosing and investing consistently in high level support. “Invest” doesn’t always mean money, though of course that’s part of it. It’s who you are around. It’s who has your ear, it’s how you spend your time.


Your passion is calling and when you answer that call, you get the gifts. Freedom, space, a place to really express yourself. I get so angry about people being disempowered. Women especially. It’s probably the only thing I get angry about. People try to get me to be angry about other stuff, but to be honest I am kind of a geek about this one thing. Empowerment.


It’s my passion. And you find empowerment ON THE BUS.


 Looking for a bus? We demystify practice creation for highly paid professionals who are switching to coaching. Small cohorts, and 1:1support. You need a practice that can handle 2022 and beyond. A practice that is fun and trustworthy that makes good money. Next cohort starts late March! Join us and kick off at our live retreat in Portland Oregon.


Is your company looking for internal corporate coaching? Or perhaps just thinking about retention, or increasing team productivity, and happiness? Coaching can help with all of that, and we are looking for a couple of companies we can support with our extraordinary coaching. Human resources is the most important investment any company makes. Providing coaching can be your superpower.  

Happy Valentines Day! I made a playlist. Did you listen to the one I made last year? This one is full of fresh tracks. Get your love on with these love songs  

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