Mantras. I Used to Think They Were Bullshit

courage inspirational snacks support Nov 28, 2021


My world is taking care of me. Say this now--even just in your head. Reprogramming takes consistent effort over time. Mantras are running for you already, why not give them an upgrade? You can untangle generations of trauma programming one phrase, one breath, one meditation at a time. Are you running opposite mantras? I don’t know what to call them so let’s call them that. You know-- “I don’t have any good (real, loyal, supportive--insert modifier of choice) friends.” 

“ I guess my type is kind of a narcissist?” 

“I’m always over budget.” 

“I get sick every winter!”

Negative mantras. Yeah, Don’t run those. Especially that last one...


Maybe you’re surrounded by others who are running negative mantras for you? God, I love those people. One of my friends helpfully offered, “I can’t believe you aren’t more freaked out about this!” when I was dealing with a cataclysmic crisis with a teenage child. In all fairness, it was kind of a horror show. All my gray hairs are from raising teenagers. BUT! The baptism by fire of being the only person who had to handle that awful rushed me from horror to expansion very fast. Being frightened/angry/worried sick wasn’t the mental state from which I could make good decisions. I had to change. “My world is taking care of me.”


Think of a time where you were challenged (maybe it’s now?). Imagine hearing the words. “My world is taking care of me.” Say it. As soon as I say it, even in my head, I feel it in my heart. I know I am supported. BTW nothing teen-related phases me now. Recently I was around teens talking about masturbation. Did not bat an eyelash. 


Mantras really do work. You can use them like a soothing balm, let them give you a little breathing space to recalibrate from whatever took you out of flow. You can program yourself! My world is taking care of me. Say it twice. 


Here’s your method: Trigger event happens! UGGGH. 

You: Pause. Mantra. Breath. 

Whatever other thing you need to do to calm down (Pop music and 5k steps for me). Slow. Down. Mantra the hell out of yourself until your state starts to shift. 

THEN respond. 


My Mantra List:

I am well supported, centered and rested. 

TRUST is my mantra and my currency

GRATEFUL, open and so beyond. Totally new. Like Never Before. 

I do not get up until it feels real. 

I bask in golden light now as I am at one with my undivided good

I stand aside and let infinite intelligence make easy and successful my way. 

A debt is owed to me, I now claim that it is repaid

Abundance is mine by divine right

My world is taking care of me

Up and up only

Perfect life is mine now


Newsflash: The Divine Feminine isn’t only about us leaning back into chaise lounges and being fed grapes while we’re gently fanned. It’s also about us claiming our deep, sacral, heart and belly-led personal power by making the choices that we need to make to ignite and stay connected to that power, so we can guide ourselves, our families, our worlds. 

Say this now. My world is taking care of me. I choose pleasure, peace, calm, expansion. Today.

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