Money, Power, or Visibility blocks? Um...You're Normal

courage inspirational snacks money Feb 07, 2021

Happy Valentines' Week, Lovers!

I made a Valentines' Day Spotify playlist! I think you'll like it. It's full of romance, nostalgia, and lust. Here you go! Enjoy.

Right now, we are all getting the same downloads.
Are you paying attention? The central message is about becoming your own oracle. I like to say learning to sit gracefully on your lotus flower, with distractions and troubles peacefully boundaried away.

A few years ago I stayed at the loveliest hotel (remember hotels?) for a special birthday. It had water gardens with lotuses blooming peacefully. They emerge from the mud and blossom in gorgeous geometric precision.

The Universe has a wicked sense of humor. It hides exquisite teachings in plain sight. Your core problems fall away when you turn to them with love and tenderness.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Do your monster issues fit into one of these categories?

Money blocks—Discomfort asking for money or valuing yourself? Trouble receiving? Money doesn’t stick to you? You can’t raise your prices, or find it uncomfortable to invest in yourself?

Visibility fears: Terror expressing yourself in public? Anxiety attacks when you try? Afraid to speak your deep truths, or confusion about what they even are?

Imposter syndrome: You’re not meant to actually do this work! You need more training, another certification? Hopefully, no-one has noticed, but they surely will soon?

NEWSFLASH! You’re normal.

These power blocks are universal.
And when you face them with loving courage, they release—freeing you to receive, speak, and trust yourself.

My clients are getting off the rails results. And the process starts for them the moment they say yes. Sometimes simply right from the discovery call.

Because it’s vibrational. When you push your cells past suffering, like Roger Bannister running that first 4-minute mile, you emerge into spacious expansion.

Of course it’s practical too. I assign homework, we clear the trauma. All my packages now include sessions with my highly curated group of healers.

Results happen fast.

Trauma is healed, money blocks dissolve, and new money rushes in. You feel safe to express yourself creatively. Your boundaries are shored up. Your mind is clear.
You move beyond selling time for money into packages that double or triple your income.

My mission is your expansion. It is, truly, practical magic.


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