Overwhelm Was on Repeat Until I Understood This

Apr 02, 2023

Gosh I saw this one a lot last week, and it blocks happiness and flow like almost nothing else.

Overwhelm. The solution is simpler than you think.

As a single parent, overwhelm was a constant companion, along with its evil twin: victim energy. My daughters were young when I became a single mom, and my life skills were, frankly, not fully built out. Yet I felt grateful for all we had together. I wanted to learn how to be better. How to enjoy life more. On the occasional Friday night I was free, I went to the local meditation center to ease my weariness. I’d walk down the rickety stairs with my head full of irritations, thoughts and plans. 90 minutes later I’d walk out refreshed, alive, ready to handle it all.

You might be thinking, well of course she was refreshed…she meditated.

But it wasn’t the meditation that taught me how to release that pattern of overwhelm.  It was a formula I began to practice and understand. When I paid attention, I noticed and developed these three, simple steps. The key? You need to practice them in this exact order.

Overwhelm is the energy of separation. This is all on me, and it is too much. I feel it in my head as pressure and a sense of stuffiness or energetic blockage. I want to cry. My INSTINCT is to take action, because overwhelm feels like “too much to do”.  Therefore, I should DO MORE.

Action is an important part of relieving overwhelm, but it is not step one.

Step one to releasing overwhelm: Create Space

In the yoga center, call and response singing settled the room, bringing us all into the energy of receiving. In the hushed refreshed space meditation connected us deeper.

Step two to releasing overwhelm: Ask for Help

Asking for help is a step that’s easy to forget, because again, overwhelm is the energy of separation. It blocks you from the light of connection. Asking for help is the most expansive self-supporting thing you can do for yourself, your family and your community. But many of us were not trained to value it, let alone to do it.

Step three to releasing overwhelm: Take Action

Action comes AFTER the calm and space and the help. When action is taken from a calm space, help is aligned.

I’ve found the best help comes when I tune into coaching that understands exactly where I’m overwhelmed and why. Having coaching support on tap is key. My jam is offering it in small high vibe groups where you get to work on practice expansion in a next level way. Create a little space and feel into the idea of getting help from me. Your practice is your own personal school—you get to design the curriculum. And hire the instructors.

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