Personalized Healing is HOT

courage support trauma healing Aug 29, 2021


“I can feel safe. It can be easier.” Say it with me. 

Trauma informed strategies are the hot thing in my industry this year, and I have the feeling of ‘FINALLY’ around that unfolding.

I’ve experienced a lot of trauma; I’m trained in trauma; and I am naturally deeply compassionate. My own clients have been experiencing trauma informed support for years. 

Trauma hides in both predictable and quirkily personalized patterns that interfere with our expansion.

Sexual abuse. Emotional abuse. Financial trauma. Relationship trauma. These experiences leave scars in our cells. Patterns of withdrawal, protection, fear, self sabotage.

As women, as healers, as creatives, we are the medicine for everything that is stuck, restricted, fear based.


We are the medicine.

I can feel safe. I can be seen. It can be easier. Say it again. Say it out loud. 


You can gently release a lot of trauma through simple awareness and mantras. You can ask for support, and receive it on your deeply personal terms. I notice that for certain issues I need to work on them with my therapist--I really can’t do the ‘homework’. Why? My therapist said, ‘the healing is relational because the issues are relational.’


Ubuntu--I am, because we are. ~A deep African way of being. 


I am well supported and rested. I am safe. It can be easier. I am loved. I am safe to receive.

Wherever there is fear in our systems—be it about charging more money, being seen, trusting the power of our work, trusting our parenting, trusting our needs for intimacy, we can release it, and we can expand.

Upper limits can flare anywhere. ANYwhere.

Many times I’ve been in a yoga class with students hitting the upper limits of what they (think they) can handle and I can literally feel their bodies screaming at them to get them out of the room. As an experienced practitioner, I know that if they just hang in, the discomfort will peak, and the finishing sequence will be a release, and the next time they’ll arrive on their mats with expanded cells. 

Awareness. Mantras. Trauma informed coaching or therapy. Do the work, because you ARE the medicine.

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