Scaling is Not the New Black

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I got an email today from someone who describes herself as a 7-figure scaling business owner. I don’t know if that means she DID scale to 7 figures, or IS scaling to 7 figures, or WAS scaling and it fell apart? That part was confusing. But her message wasn’t.

She pushed too hard too fast and hadn’t done her foundational work. Let’s listen in:

“In the coaching industry, many of us took the bull by the horns and achieved some degree of financial success. But then, one entrepreneur after another, we started hitting brick walls. It’s this brick wall and when you hit it, you are doing more and more, and it’s working less and less, until your business starts going downhill and you have no idea why. 

It’s the spirit calling for re-valuation.

When you hit this brick wall. There is no perfect copy to find ...

There is no new tech tool or social media to figure out ...

No new messaging strategy ...

When this happens, tactics and strategies are not the answer. This is the stage in our business when we are asked to FIND OURSELVES, at a depth and frequency that is much, much deeper than we ever imagined possible. Because without that depth, we simply cannot grow without burning out.

Anyone who has been on a plane knows that you are supposed to put on your oxygen mask first. The stage in your business when you need to find yourself isn’t when it’s blowing up. 

It’s now, because it’s always, because as we say in coaching: New Level, New Devil. You need support. WAY more support than you think you do. As a former single mom, I really really know this. And it’s not that I am no longer single or no longer a mom. The kids just grew up.

For several years I have been waiting and believing in my viewpoint, like Michael Burry in The Big Short. Everyone thought he was nuts, so maybe not the right comparison? I’m not sitting here betting against anyone. I believe everyone has good intentions, and it’s been healing for women to be in a big marketplace that is NOT run by rules and regulations created by men.

  • Women have needed a playground and space to heal. So much about money and business has been (AND STILL IS) about the patriarchy.
  • Women need a lot of support to unfurl their creativity, to experiment, to come into full power. And we need the power of these women in our world today. Now, and now.

But the messy lack of regulation in the coaching industry and confusion about best practices has created a monster. A monster of burned out and frustrated women.

Hm, sounds like single mom-hood.

Foundational work will never go out of style. It’s like Katharine Hepburn. It’s like a perfect red lipstick. It’s like a good salad, or sunshine on a summer day. Learning how to access healers, create internal capacity, and how to disentangle from limiting patterns, beliefs, relationships—that stuff NEVER goes out of style. Learning how to create a support team that helps you grow, a team you build and remodel over time, that is a critical skill that you will find in absolutely every episode of “How I Built This,” even the one about Sara Blakely (who had a tiny head start since her dad was into Wayne Dyer).

Creating practice is what you are already doing. Do it with intention. Do it with a cohort. Do it by joining Unit I, the first 6-week session of our nourishing and potent Practice Creation program. 

There’s always room for improvement, and there’s always more fun to be had. Because the hidden secret in ‘foundational work’ is that it creates incredible emotional freedom, space and room for miracles. AND gives you permission to let yourself be supported in all the super specific quirky ways that nourish only and exactly you.

All in the name of your delightful expansion. Please reply for more information -- I'd love for you join us! 

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