“Service” needs an upgrade

May 13, 2023

From a Hollywood screenwriter I learned this: good work always gets found. 

There was only one place to get coffee at the resort where I was staying in Mexico, and it did not open until 7 AM. People queued up outside the door, confused and uncaffeinated. At 7:02 here came our hostess, flawlessly groomed, perfect red lipstick on.  Unphased, she walked past the twenty people waiting. Then she waited on us one at a time, giving each person her rapt attention. In her presence assumptive Americans accustomed to a noisy coffee assembly line slowly calmed..

Sweet thoughtful service was everywhere. The drivers, the beach bar, the little market. People were grounded, kind and attentive. It was enchanting and comforting. Isn’t this how we all want to work, live, love? 

At Nordstrom, we were not permitted to talk to the customers about customer service. We simply provided it. THEY talked. 

Does your good work include taking intimate, flawless care of everyone who connects to your business? 

Life  brings you up close and personal with your next AFGO (another f*ing growth opportunity). 

Maybe it’s a demanding client whose issues trigger your own. Perhaps you feel pushed beyond your skill set by their demands or troubles. Do you have a resource on your team who is snappy, inefficient or missing the mark? 

Clients can be slow to pay, or push back about your prices. Are people asking for more support than feels appropriate? 

Whatever the challenges, your task is to provide perfect service that shows that you value yourself, and everyone connected to your mission. 

One bad review can ruin a business. Highly Sensitive Person? One difficult client or contractor can pull you completely off course. 

Learn how to care for yourself and your business in a loving way that creates flow, teaches clients how to treat you and empowers your team. 

Shannon's Suggestions

Ari Shapiro’s The Best Strangers in The World is a rich tapestry of stories from his life as a journalist for NPR and singer for the band Pink Martini. It is also rife with reminders to be curious, to take risks, to ask more questions. Live LARGE he says on every page, as he shares the life he created from doing exactly that. Create. “The conversations that help me see the world more clearly”, he says on perhaps my favorite page, are the ones he has with artists. 

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