Tapping into Intuition to Change your Timeline

courage inspirational snacks May 23, 2021
Intuition. A master teacher recently said, speaking of intuitive powers,  “When it comes to the Clairs,  let’s talk about the one everyone wants vs. the one everyone has”. My ears perked up...hm, this sounds interesting! What is the one everyone has? 
First, she explained the one we want: Clairvoyance, or seeing beyond normal sight.  “Clear seeing” is how my teacher described it. Maybe you have it! Lots of us do..but it can take time and practice to access. 
Then she turned to the one we all have: Clairsentience. Clear feeling. As soon as she said it I thought..of COURSE! We already work with that one, I just talk about it a little differently. 
Clairsentience. We all have it. But we override it. We tune it out, tone it down. 
Working with me, women learn to connect to it, trust it, be guided by it. This is how we collapse timelines. 
One of my clients called me fighting tears. She’d been crying all week, vaguely bothered by the sense that something is not working in her business. She’s trying so hard (I hear this a lot--trying so hard). When we felt into it, she recognized that she feels like she is pushing a boulder up a hill. 
But she still loves her work, and it still deeply serves her and her community. Why? 
Because the business wants her to go deeper. Because she’s being shown that it’s time to expand. The Universe doesn’t send an email, it sends feelings. If you’re super tuned in you might get the memo the first time but most of us don’t. We need blunt messages. 
Nothing’s more blunt than discomfort. 
Discomfort means: this needs to change. And the Universe just asks us to go one step at a time. To do our 100%, not more. If what you’re doing feels like pushing a boulder up a hill, then it’s too much. 
Let your heart be known, my love ~Steve Gold
Releasing discomfort into the peace of knowing. 
“I am supported” is what my new client group is feeling right now. They’re resting their burdens. They’re stepping into the caves of their hearts. They’re freeing up their businesses, they’re releasing old money paradigms. And miracles are flowing in: synchronicities, ease in choices, comfort taking vacations, more focus, peace and flow. 
My mission is your expansion. It’s my passion play. Women, fully expressed. Abundant + sovereign. 

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