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inspirational snacks support Aug 22, 2021
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Who is on your support team? Are your goddess needs always met? 

I have a Note on my iPhone called ‘Current Support Team’. It has 26 people on it.

I’m not Oprah, obvi. They’re not all paid staff. But they are all essential.

26 is totally perfect for me; though right now, as usual, there is an opening. There is always something shifting and changing. 

Support is key to you feeling and functioning your best. 

  • Some members of my support team optimize me for performance. 
  • Some members hug me and love me. 
  • Some members cheer me up when I’m sad.
  • Some members teach me yoga.
  • Some members right size me. 
  • And some work for me. 

You want that team available when you need it! Emergencies happen, and you need to be prepared. As a healer and an entrepreneur, I know I want to be in peak form as much as possible. So clearing my field, being well fed, getting exercise..these are no brainers. I am on top of that stuff all the time. Beyond those basics are the unique elements that are more me-specific. Humor posse, for example. 

When something goes wrong, I trust that I can be well taken care of beyond what I even envision. I forget this occasionally, and fall into over-functioning and worry. A few years ago I ended up in the hospital with appendicitis. The doctor explained that I needed surgery. I said, “Who do I call to schedule that?” while trying to figure out how I could make it until the surgery. He started laughing. I’d come in through the ER  in so much pain that  I could not walk. He said, “No..this is happening right now. Like, in ten minutes.” I sank into the pillow in relief. Ok—this is being handled. 

When my energy goes down or I am in struggle, I remember..I can connect with the people who can tell me; I am loved, I am okay. I am seen in the highest light.

That is how you want to feel.

Create the perfect team. It’s your divine right.

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