The counter measure to “In these dark times we need”

courage inspirational snacks magic Dec 18, 2021
Shannon Conway
The counter measure to “In these dark times we need”


Women! Back in Bend last weekend, I connected with some of the many wonderful women I am blessed to know, learn from, guide, coach, and love. OMG, it was amazing! 

Who run the world?

It’s women. It needs to be women!


We have the power to turn the dark into light. We have the ability to endlessly expand our capacity. We are the fierce love that can support others in the MOST challenging times. We have the strength to shore each other up, to be buoyed by the success of our sisters.


I believe that what we need is consistent expansive support, unfettered love, and wise mentorship. That is how we become more of the love that we really are.


I looked up the etymology of the words evolution and elevation recently. Evolution’s origin is a word meaning unrolling, as with a papyrus. Elevation derives from a word meaning ‘bring in light’. We are writing the lessons (the papyrus) of our lives. We must do it with support and a LOT of light. 


My inbox is often full of messages like, “In these dark times we need”—-some kind of class, teaching, healing, crystal,—something you buy online, basically. Those emails feel flat to me. I get my important support from real human interactions. From vulnerability. Showing your belly I’ve heard it called. I was validated when I was in MX recently. I was working with a coach who’s ahead of me. I told her that high touch programs are my jam. I want to scale with high touch. I felt like a unicorn–who even does that in coaching? Everyone (?) is all about the monster cohorts. I am NOT. 

She not only validated me; she already built out the model I am working on! So of course it’s possible. “You’ve got something so sacred”, she said. Jung said shadows dissolve in the light..the light of being seen. Intimate expansion is my love drug. 


I believe that you need:


  • Freedom to be your whole self in all the parts of your life. Key phrase? ALL parts. 
  • A big support team—I keep a list of all the people on mine in the Notes section of my computer. It’s at 36! Of course these aren’t all paid positions–my humor posse is on there! But they are all essential. 
  • Mentorship: Someone ahead of you on the path in the areas where you are currently working. We often operate at the ‘ant’ level when it comes to struggles and challenges..You need someone who is looking with you, but also for you and from the perspective of a drone. “Finding your teachers” is how I phrase it. 


Work with me!  We are growing. Things are changing in the new year. If you want to grow with us, or are craving support here are a few options. 

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