The Honeymoon is Not Meant to End

courage inspirational snacks Jul 04, 2021
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The honeymoon phase is not meant to end, I read yesterday. It is meant to get amplified. He was talking about love partners, but this also applies to work. If your honeymoon is over, let’s talk.

You got the guidance for how to serve, and you took inspired action. You built a business based on your gifts—yay you! It worked.

Things were humming.

Then it stopped making the money you wanted. Or it felt like too much work all the time. Or the relationships that arose within it were codependent and depleting.

But you were already on that path, so you kept going. Doing more of the things.

And what was getting amplified was your anxiety. Or your scarcity fears, or your exhaustion. And then the symptoms started—the injuries, the aches, the odd conditions.

Alignment isn’t a step. It’s a process.

The Universe’s language is paradoxical. Things aren’t working because you are being invited to a higher level. Your job isn’t to push harder to make it work. You aren’t Sisyphus. Your job (calling) is these steps:

  • Trust that you are being guided.
  • Look directly at those messages and translate them.
  • Your business is bluntly not making money? You are being taught to ask for more.
  • You are feeling deep fears? You are being asked to heal.
  • Your body is breaking down? You need more support.

It’s deceptively simple, but we’re trained to push! That is the old way. Plus our sweet egos, and our codependent loyalties to what we’ve created. 

Your next chapter starts here. 

‘Barn’s burnt down. Now I can see the moon.’ ~Mizuata Masuhide

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