The One Step Method to Lighten Your To Do List

inspirational snacks support Aug 15, 2021
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Are you doing more than your 100%?

Let yourself be supported. ⁣

Recently, while meeting with a client, I raised a tiny flag to her that I’d found in her onboarding paperwork. In it, she’d revealed that after 7 years of a steady meditation practice she’d lately been finding it a struggle to sit. ⁣

She’s been given a big divine download about her business—a gorgeous mission and vision. She’s taking action steps to birth it, and it’s potent and inspiring. ⁣

And overwhelming to her mind. 

Our brains are powerful tools—I personally love mine and sometimes sink into sleep at night in gratitude for my ability to think. Yet when we are expanding or struggling, they can interfere mightily. ⁣

Minds tend to knit the problem the same way they’ve always done...over-functioning, figuring out details, worrying, having anxiety, assigning too many tasks to us. This kind of activity feels familiar and deceptively productive.

Guidance whispers gently, or speaks to us via our Clairs. It’s not about the details. It’s about the magic.

You can muscle your way into fraught tangles using your mind. I know I have. And taking action based on worry, fear, or overwhelm takes you right out of alignment. ⁣

There is a better way.

I like to think of it as a new language. Offering the challenges to the Divine, and taking the inspired actions that arise from my place of peace (shower downloads, meditations, messages I hear on walks or in yoga).

A method that works for me to release the worries and get into a space of feeling supported is the Divine to-do list. ⁣ Take a piece of paper and draw a line vertically down the middle. On one side write the tasks that you will do. On the other side write the tasks you are offering to the Divine. Then trust that those tasks are being handled. You can put your big worries here. Or your small overwhelms. Be patient after you write the tasks. Focus on life, love, all the other stuff. And watch what happens. 

When it comes to a big business vision there are still full on ‘move your feet’ steps, of course. Understanding which are these and which steps belong to the Divine comes clear when you get your energy into alignment. Prioritize THAT and everything gets so.much.easier.


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